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28minTKS Happy #420day everyone! We are excited to announce the winners of our $TKS Swag Bag and 42.0 TKS Giveaway! Congratu…
58minETC Ethereum Classic Pool launched. No Fee. PPLNS Reward. Come one and join to increase hashes.
1h SC Check out this week's update and meet our newest team member!
1h SC [Video] Sia Weekly update – Week of April 16, 2018
1h ETC Mantis-Daedalus v1.1 RC3 Windows 10 Binaries released
1h PAY Any chance for a LoungeKey partnership?
1h BCH Which wallets can I use to get both tokens after the hard fork?
1h 1ST The Week Dev Blog is Live! What our devs worked on in week 38 of the beta Read The Latest…
1h ETH Strong incentive for Polkadot/Parity team to initiate a hard fork
1h KMD listing coins
1h BAT BAT Community Weekly update: 04/13/2018 - 04/19/2018 — Dow Jones Media Group partners with Brave to offer premium content to users, BAT Community merch giveaways ongoing, more BAT UGP grants on the horizon, growing skepticism over Facebook’s “compliance”
1h NEO Aphelion Desktop Wallet released - Supports NEO, GAS, NEP-5 + Ledger Nano S!!
2h ETH Amazon Web Services releases Blockchain Frameworks For Ethereum And Hyperledger Fabric
2h LRC airdrop binding address
2h ZEC Weekly update - April 20: 1.1.0 released; implementing Sapling consensus; cross-compiling for Windows; events we'll…
2h XLM Twitter Moment: reactions to the SBC6 announcement
2h LRC LRN, Loopring’s protocol token on #NEO, will be listed on 5 exchanges on May 1st. ……
2h STEEM STEEM QUEST #1: Flag-A-Whale MMORPG - Battle update #18a - SteemConnect Flagging Trail beta
2h ZEN ZEN is now available for trading on the most advanced and secure #decentralized exchange @OpenLedgerDC! Trade now!…
2h STEEM Steem Flag Rewards Daily Activity Report 4/19/2018 - Flag Rewards Comment Curation Trail beta
2h EOS ONO White Paper: Part 7 roadmap, Team and Investors - Built on EOS
2h ENG BEST airdrop list (:
2h AMB Thank you for watching! See'ya at EDCON in a couple of weeks! #ambrosus #meetup #berlin #toronto
2h AION We're pleased to announce that @MoogAircraft’s CTO, George Small will be speaking at #AIONEX on May 2nd in #Toronto…
2h BNB Bitcoin Cash (BCH) among the top gainers ahead of its planned hard fork.
3h ENG "Enigma enables secure data processing and information sharing that enables partners to explore new avenues that we…
3h NEO Bridge Protocol Community update 4/20/18
3h EBST Are you ready for the Alaris airdrop? If you are holding 1000 EBST or more on May 15th you are eligible to receive…
3h WTC Help Walton get listed on Bithumb
3h EOS EOS airdrop Calender
4h NEBL TRIF to be listed on Nebula exchange!
4h NXT NXT is available on Switchain, An Instant exchange that also compares rates across exchanges.
4h AMB The AMB-NET working #demo is about to be shown at #Ambrosus meetup! Watch it live!
4h BTG GB-based exchange EXMO lists Bitcoin Gold: BTG/USD and BTG/BTC trading now. EXMO provides ramps to many fiat moneys…
4h PTC Upcoming event: Whitepaper release - April 22, 2018
4h VEE Get listed on COSS exchange?
4h NEO NEO Sponsor Giveback Plan Extension announcement
4h WTC Minimum holding requirements for airdrops?
4h ICX New korean ico partners with ICON n bithumb
4h VEN Request Network (REQ) partners With PwC France Blockchain Lab ?!?
4h LSK We are excited to announce the release of #Lisk 1.0.0-beta.6. It replaces 1.0.0-beta.2. Since we’ve restarted the network, every beta test participant should update their node and sync with betanet from scratch or use the newest provided snapshot. Feedbac
4h BTG Bitcoin Gold In New Crypto listings on exchanges
5h LRC RT @CoinsCalendar: @loopringorg $LRC Loopring (LRC) - Community AMA - 21-04-2018 $eventS $XVG $XRP $ADA $BTC $ET…
5h BTC LedgerX's Bitcoin Derivatives Trading Is Up 7X Since launch
5h LRC #Loopring team has received notice, 5 cryptocurrency exchanges will open deposit and withdraw of #LRN (Loopring NEO…
5h POE Some great coverage from @jarroddicker 's time at the ISOJ conference:
5h ADX Our partners from Flixxo have secured 10,000 hours of video content for the platform launch in June. Congrats,…
5h MOD Why MOD Will release partnership announcement this Month
5h DASH New York Attorney General launches Probe into Cryptocurrency exchanges
5h ADA Calling all Cardano fans in Tel Aviv! Come along to the first meetup on 30th April and listen to @IOHK_Charles. Spe…
5h ARN First stage of cross airdrop with @Linkercoin is completed, sent 7.777 LNC to the top 2000 ARN token holders! #arn…
5h BTC Bitcoin Cash Network Nodes Prepare for Upcoming Network Hard fork
5h PART Couple updates from @particldev team with Particl Marketplace ALPHA escrow and build critical path items remaining…
6h ARK ARK listed on! Receives a perfect score for trust.
6h AION Yesterday at @Fintech_Canada's #BlockchainEconomicevent #BEE in #Toronto
6h GAME We just released a full report of what happened in the GameCredits ecosystem during Q1 of 2018. You can read the…
6h ICN Weekly update: April 20, 2018
6h ICN Welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly update series. This week, we published the results of our blockchain au…
6h LTC exchanges wont send to addresses that start with M?
6h NEO MYWISH announces the launch of a smart contract for NEO
6h QRL Friday's $QRL update: • Node: Rollback put transactions back to the pool • Mining: Error handling for Payment issu…
6h TRX @BitZexchange will support TRON main net migration.
7h AMB #Ethereum meetup Ambrosus in Berlin starts in a few hours (at 18:30 to be exact). Stay tuned for a livestream link!…
7h TRX RT @justinsuntron: #TRX #TRON $TRX @BitZexchange will support TRON main net migration. @Tronfoundation
7h BNT launched a new #token and want to add it to the Bancor Network? Here's how:
7h EOS [dApp on EOS] Insights Network - v2 mobile app launching
7h ENRG RT @MForesights: Recent partnerships in #Autonomous Car Industry #connectedcars #HMI #ADAS #intelligentmobility #…
7h ADA This week's Cardano Foundation newsletter is full of news updates including the first Cardano audit report, next we…
7h OMG release the plasma
7h OMG JUNΞ: My strategy blog release countdown has been started. Next 24 hours :)
7h BCH BU - "Bitcoin Cash" Ubuntu PPA repo updated to version
7h ABY Upcoming event: Spring Artist Tipping Festival - April 23, 2018
7h ENRG RT @WW_Affinis: Walmart announces New #Wind And #Solar Deals On Path To 50% #Renewables
7h BCN *Bytecoin/Korean AMA Info update*
7h BCH Make Effective Strategy To Build Cryptocurrency exchange Website
7h AST Upcoming event: Decentralized Trade - April 25, 2018
7h AMB Upcoming event: Blockchain & Bitcoin conference Moscow - April 20, 2018
7h RLC Upcoming event: Cloud Marketplace - May 31, 2018
7h RLC Upcoming event: Product release - May 29, 2018
7h MCO Upcoming event: Bithumb listing - April 25, 2018
7h VIBE Upcoming event: VRLA - May 4, 2018
7h XLM Upcoming event: LOBSTR Wallet - April 2018
7h XLM Upcoming event: Blockchain & Fintech - May 1, 2018
7h BAY Upcoming event: Hire Template release - May 30, 2018
7h BAY Upcoming event: Chainges conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands - May 4, 2018
7h BAY Upcoming event: Web Marketplace Preview - June 15, 2018
7h BAY Upcoming event: Multilingual Website - May 14, 2018
7h GNO Upcoming event: Oslo Blockchain Day - April 24, 2018
7h ENG Upcoming event: Distributed: Markets in Chicago - April 23, 2018
7h DGB Upcoming event: Artis Turba listing - June 2018
7h LSK Upcoming event: Chainges conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands - May 4, 2018 12:00 AM - May 5, 2018 11:59 PM
7h CLOAK RT @CloakCoin: We are happy to announce that @CloakCoin is available on @binance now. Deposit and trade #CloakCoin on #binance!
7h ENRG RT @IISD_SDGs: SDG Weekly update #SDGs news on #SDG17 #SDT1714 #policycoherence #SDG13 #ClimateAction #Talanoa4Ambi…
7h BNB World's Largest Crypto exchange Binance Isn't Adding Dollar Pairs
7h TRX UpCoin is going live (TRX listed)
8h SC Does the Sia UI updates by itself? How to check the precise balance and how many receiving addresses I have?
8h XVG Shall we create a "banner" on the top of this reddit page called: "Starting with XVG" containing al the (tech) basics as well as the roadmap 4 this year
8h GBYTE Is it expected for Blackbytes to ever be added to more popular (decentralized) exchanges? Have there ever been talks about this?
8h SC How To Buy Siacoin: Buy Siacoin Instantly (2018 updated)
8h INS #INS_Ecosystem is pleased to announce that @StrongRootsUK, a 1200% annual growth UK-based challenger brand in the F…