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24minXVG Nice volume across all the exchanges. Guess I once again proved the haters wrong.
29minLSK [Lisk Magazine] Slamper releases a stats tools to browse Lisk data and describes his future projects
32minBCH Is it enough to keep my bitcoin cash in my bitpanda wallet to profit from the hardfork? Or where should I put them thx fellows ;)
34minBCH Bitcoin Hard fork
36minENRG RT @thinkdisruptive: Will Infrastructure eventually power the world: 6 solar roads show how #solar #renewables #roa…
39minVIB Upcoming event: partnership With KoinOK - April 21, 2018 12:00 AM - April 21, 2028 11:59 PM
59minUBQ RT @alex_sterk: 1000 blocks left before the $ESCH airdrop, get your $UBQ claims in before the first distribution ends!
1h QSP We're super excited to be attending UC Berkeley's first women in blockchain conference. Come find @Quantstamp at…
1h LTC Litecoin and TenX To launch Co-Branded Card.
1h BNT "The Bancor Protocol functions similar to an #exchange, but behind the scenes, it flips the exchange model on its h…
1h XRP (Bright) Ray of hope for Indian exchanges. High Court admits appeal filed by an exchange. Hearing on May 24. Notices served to Reserve Bank of India (RBI), The Union of India through Secretary, Ministry of Finance and GST Council.
1h CVC Be careful, there are fake accounts promising Civic airdrops / free tokens and other scams floating around. This is…
1h BCH announcement: Download:
1h XMR Stay updated with the latest Monero news here
1h GLD Vote for GoldCoin to get added on the Bitibu exchange!
2h VTC Our new site is out of beta but did you see our new video? Make sure to subscribe to all of our social sites! Our Y…
2h AE #aeternity sponsors the LibertyBits conference that will take place this Tuesday in Sofia, Bulgaria. Vlæd will spea…
2h GAS NEO Madrid meetup by Red4Sec
2h ICN Next meet the managers event hosted by ICONOMI in Amsterdam will include Deloitte representative as a special guest.
2h BNT launched a new token and want to add it to the Bancor Network? Here's how:
2h BTC Genesis London conference: Study Shows Ethereum is More Decentralized Than Bitcoin
3h MOD PPP: partnership prediction post, all speculation welcome, who will it be, when will it be announced, how will be price react?
3h GBYTE Byteball launches Initial Coin Offering Tool for Accredited Investors
3h NEBL Neblio has been listed onto a new exchange! TradeSatoshi!
3h ETH Is Plasma Still Planned to be released on May 2018 ?
3h NEO Zeepin TestNet and CryptoGalaxy mobile dApp launch in less than 24 hours in Seoul meetup
3h VEN By partnering with INPI ASIA, the VeChainThor Platform incorporates nanotechnology with digital identification to p…
3h XEM A punto de comenzar primer meetup nem en la capital del emprendimiento. Medellin!
3h VEN Sunny estimates whitepaper release end of May-June. Says it is already more than 100 pages long.
4h NEBL RT @TradeSatoshi: Neblio $NEBL listed on Tradesatoshi exchange
4h LSK Lisk listed on Rency!
4h ETC Upcoming event: Ethereum Emerald Hard fork - July 13, 2018
4h GBYTE Upcoming event: End of Byteball Video Contest - May 1, 2018
4h XEM ICYMI: updates from the #Tutellus team for Q1 2018.
4h XZC Upcoming event: Jakarta meetup - April 29, 2018 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
4h FUEL Upcoming event: Community AMA - April 25, 2018 1:00 PM - 11:59 PM
4h ETH Quid Wallet: 0.4 Version release. Notifications Added.
4h XEM ICYMI: #NEM ($XEM) is now tradable on #OpenLedger / #Bitshares exchange!
5h NMC cross_sign_name_constraint_tool v0.0.2 and tlsrestrict_nss_tool v0.0.2 released (Negative #TLS certificate override…
5h MCO Interesting link from Bithumb website - may be indicative of partnership scope?
5h STRAT events linedup
5h AMB updates, Upcoming events + Weekly Discussion
6h GNT Hedge the price of GNT, without dealing with the fees/security concerns of moving coins to and from exchanges
6h ADA New exchange Goes Live Tomorrow
7h ELF "Aelf Token ELF Gets listed on Bithumb exchange" -Bitzamp
7h RDN [gIT] Weekly update 13
7h XEM ICYMI: updates from the #Qchain Dev team for Q1 2018
7h TIME Sunday TIMEs Issue #27 16 April — 22 April 2018 Welcome to the Issue #27 of Sunday TIMEs: DEV update, Multisignatu…
8h ETH First live project a fork of Ethereum to power the future of organizations
8h GAME We want to keep you updated with GameCredits developments! Subscribe to our new Telegram channel to get updates r…
8h AE æternity is a sponsor of the libertybits conference in Sofia, Bulgaria [24.05.2018] Topic: the decentralized sharing economy.
8h DASH Dash could be a hidden treasure in the market – Robert Wiecko’s interview at the Moscow conference #dash_force
9h MUSIC RT @DapDrosophila: #newupdate #rocking #musicoin @AtomCollector @musicoins @playlist @walter_fini @JUXTAmusicUK @ra…
9h EDO Eidoo is listed on CoinData.VC (сoin stats & analytics)
9h XRP AWESOME airdrop list
9h ETH TRON’s $1.7M airdrop To Ethereum Community Is A Potential Killer
9h ETH A non-hard fork proposal that allows Parity to recover the locked ether
9h ARDR For those wondering when #Eth will release #plasma, remember that #Ardor is proprietary invention could very well…
10h LSK Hedge the price of LSK, without moving coins back to the the exchange
10h XVG One of the most insightful articles written about the PH partnership
10h SC Hedge the price of SC, without moving coins back to the the exchange
10h REQ Hedge the price of REQ, without moving coins back to the the exchange
10h VTC Hedge the price of VTC, without moving coins back to the the exchange
10h XEM NEM's Jason Lee and Stephen Chia will be one of the panels in the Global Blockchain conference 2018 on April 23-24…
11h ETC Last week's $ETC Scala client update is available on the forum via @InputOutputHK ⚙️ - Fin…
11h VIA Did BCH fork is going to affect us ?
12h UBQ RT @CryptoQuan: Great read on $UBQ. Make sure to move your coins off exchanges for the $ESCH airdrop next week.
12h DGB updated linux or ubuntu wallet install guide?
13h DOGE Dogecoin vs Doge forks
13h XEM ICYMI: #Bitlish, a UK cryptocurrency exchange, adds support for #NEM ($XEM)! Read the full story here:…
13h CURE Curecoin Project Spring 2018 Donations announced
14h ETH Krow Network Rebranding — ICO Delay, Website release, Team Additions and More
14h ETC RT @eth_classic: Firmware update for Ledger Nano S @LedgerHQ
15h RDD LWF just established partnership with DHL, and RDD is an official partner of LWF.
15h QTUM New Tech Advisor from American Express, Vevue @ Coindesk Consensus, and Project updates: April 21, 2018
15h SAN Upcoming events in May
18h PPT We are now operating in beta-Live mode, invoice purchasing has commenced on platform, to purchase invoices setup a…
18h NEBL Can someone please explain in the simplest way how to get TRIF from Neblio airdrop. How much TRIF per Neblio will be rewarded ? I am currently staking on my desktop wallet, I don’t have the Orion wallet yet, didn’t have a need for it yet. Yes I did receiv
18h XVG Brazzers and Pornhub partnership Fail To Help Verge (XVG)
18h VTC Daily Vertcoin update (4/21/18) + Technical Analysis
18h GRS We are glad to announce that Luckygames starts accepting Groestlcoin (GRS)
18h OMG Bithemoth exchange ICO that shows it will include Omisego
18h GAS Summary from NEO meetups in Europe
18h XWC News update!: Whitecoin is trading on YOEXS #whitecoin #xwc $xwc
19h ETH TRON (TRX) 30 million Token airdrop to those that are Holding Ethereum
19h DGB update Sub CSS
19h PART Particl Coin Supply Distribution update! SOURCE:
19h EOS Stay updated with the latest EOS news here
19h ZRX New exchange added ZRX with three trading pairs. Lets get to the mooon!!
19h GNO Gnosis exchange - discussing decentralized exchange model and scheduling
20h VTC So what happens if someone develops an ASIC for Vertcoin? What would the core team's response be? How often can a fork happen without the community losing faith in the coin (if people keep developing ASICs, for example)?
20h VEN New exchange added VEN with three trading pairs. Lets get to the mooon!!
20h ENJ Enjin Coin will have a massive presence at Unity “Unite” events in USA, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, China, and…
20h LTC UPcoin exchange to add FIAT/Crypto Pair and new LTC Pairs. Confirmed via Twitter
21h PPT New exchange added PPT with three trading pairs. Lets get to the mooon!!
21h OMG New exchange added OMG with three trading pairs. Lets get to the mooon!!
21h VEN BMW announcement Apr. 25th already? During BMW's Press conference at Auto China 2018
21h LRC New exchange added LRC with three trading pairs. Lets get to the mooon!!
21h XRP Does anyone out here have an account with or an opinion about BuyBitcoin exchange in India? How good (or bad) are they? Any feedback is appreciated.
21h ZCL ZCL A Great forking Coin