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18minPIVX exchange Trade by Trade lists PIVX, including PIVX's first pairing with Tether
21minLUN update: We’ve reimbursed everyone who was owed Ether. If you haven’t received, or if there’s still an issue, please…
36minGBYTE RT @slackjore: I updated the $GBYTE wiki from the wallet new version 2.2, including sending payments to email addresses. I wrote a new arti…
49minCFI RT @AuctusProject: We are really excited about launching Auctus Labs: an effort towards platform decentralization in collaboration with @et…
52minXMR Does support segwit addresses like bech32 bc1xxx and 3xxx formats? and what exchange rates does use with a fee?
56minGRC #BOINC project [email protected] has been re-whitelisted in accordance with the greylist protocol. The new work units e…
1h LSK People interested for joining a Lisk meetup in Zug or Zürich?
1h VTC Vertbase update
1h PIVX Binance: ✔, Wall of Coins: ✔, Trade by Trade: ✔... Our exchange Coordinator John M is once again raising money for another major exchange to add PIVX
1h NMR Our friends at @OmniAnalytics have released a new version of their Numerai dashboard with UI improvements, better t…
1h APPC ASF Wallet (alpha 2) with In-App Purchases released today. We're among the first to do In-App Purchase through Ethereum smart contracts.
1h QTUM RT @Bingo_Platform: The countdown to the official release of Qtum Hero (jointly developed by BINGO and QTUM) is ticking! Stay Tuned! @Patri…
1h QTUM Wonder why the circulating supply increased? Click this title to find out why. "Qtum Circulating Supply updated"
1h SUB Idea For Preventing Unwanted Content On Sub
2h XLM IBM launches a cheaper platform for start-ups to build blockchain projects
2h ETH Ethereum atomic swaps with Bitcoin and most other coins, about to hit release
2h NMR We fixed some technical issues with the Kaggle airdrop - if it was not working for you earlier, please try again
2h ICX Upbit announcement w ICX!
2h REQ launch of Auctus Labs. They plan on using Request Network for continuous payments.
2h ION ionomy Jumpstart helps #indiedevs fund their new projects and get gamers excited about new releases. Visit ionomy…
2h EOS EOS getting listed on Upbit? (link to upbit site)
2h DCR Thrilled to see #Decred among the first coins listed on Singapore’s @ooobtcexchange. $DCR
2h ICX RT @minhokim: WHY NOT?! @helloiconworld $ICX Special event w/ UPBIT announcement (in Korean - use Google Translate)
2h ICX ICON (ICX) Gains Over 50% on Bithumb listing
3h XMR Can we get an update on the progress of MyMonero?
3h XLM Smartlands $SLT Speaking at the C3 Crypto conference in Berlin!
3h GAS Still haven’t received my ONT airdrop from NEO DevCon. Who can I talk to about this?
3h XLM release Notes for Stellar Core v9.2.0
3h TNT Learn the story behind Tierion’s unusual launch back in 2015
3h EOS I have purchased EOS tokens on Binance sitting in USA. I was thinking of selling EOS Mid May since US is not eligible to take part in ICO but Binance has said that you can leave the tokens on their exchange and they will do the main net token swap. In thi
3h SUB Wasn’t there supposed to be a huge announcement last week?
3h PIVX RT @flyp_me: Enter the most private and secure way to exchange your $PIVX. Use your own wallet, choose among 19 $crypto. Think calm, Flyp…
3h SYS RT @syscoin: Check out @blockfoundry's most recent Blockmarket 1.2.2 with update! #syscoin…
3h BTG Xapo vs Other exchanges: When Will BTG be Awarded?
3h ENJ Enjin and Unity team up on a partnership :) Another win for Blockchain
4h ICX ICON listed on Bitthumb and Upbit exchange
4h BSD RT @Bitcore_BTX: $BTX is listed on, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Bit-Z's daily trading vol…
4h ICX 2018 ICON project - Tink - Asia Tour announcement – – Medium
4h XEM ICYMI: updates from the QChain development team.
4h XEM BTC to XEM - Different Trade Routes via different exchanges involving Intermediate Currencies
4h BTC Pablo Escobar’s brother has launched his own cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin
4h WTC Enjin Wallet / FREC airdrop
4h KMD BLOCNATION: airdrop To Komodo Holders |Worlds First Decentralized ICO
4h WAX RT @BCGbiz: What is #WAX $WAX #WAXToken @wax_io #Blockchain #Gaming #Crypto #exchange
4h LEND ANY HELP? Trying to update the eth rate as my loan is due today and I get this error. MetaMask is running so slow too
4h SAFEX RT @dandabek: This weekend #Belgrade Webiz conference $safex
4h XRP Ripple would have never released xvia....
4h XLM XLM/ETH & MOBI/ETH available on Bitmart exchange tonight 10pm EST
5h INCNT Incent's pilot programme has launched! Are you taking part? #incentloyalty #rewards…
5h RLC March has been an exciting month for the iExec team in anticipation of the upcoming release of V2. Get the freshest…
5h ZEN new website launched!
5h RLC iExec Project update #03: IBM and Intel, partnerships, New Hirings, Technical Report
5h ZEN new website launched!
5h ICX [PSA] Regarding the ICON being listed on Bitthumb posts being removed from /r/CryptoCurrency
5h WTC Did the airdrop already complete?
5h SYS Announcing a new game changing partnership with Syscoin
5h ADT Blockchain Talks Podcast by Rebel Method featuring Blockchain Xplore conference sessions! Tune in if you weren't able to make it to the conference in person, definitely worth the listen.
5h NEO Microsoft helps launch world’s first blockchain-based investment product
5h CVC RT @BitcoinInsight0: MedCredits and Civic partner in First Blockchain-powered Physician Registry
6h AMB We announced the first awards for the #contest. All videos submitted till 18/03, have been considered. The award of…
6h WABI The weekly update for March 21st is now live!
6h MUSIC Musicoin byzantium release with @ParityTech v1.9.5
6h CVC announced that they have partnered with Civic Technologies (an ID Blockchain) to prevent fa…
6h TKS The march issue of the Tokes Newsletter is out now! It features updates on the Merchant Gateway, the TheraCann/Toke…
6h WABI Weekly WaBi / Walimai update #6 — March 21st
6h XZC RT @RefCoin: We released a new version of CoinXplore: ZCoin! Check it out! #XZC #cryptocurrency #coinmarket
6h EDO Our CEO @ThomasBertani talks about #blockchain and #fintech during the Italian event #FinancialForum held in #Milan…
6h BAT Unfortunately, due to the weather and travel advisories, we've had to cancel the Brave/BAT NYC meetup that was sche…
6h AE Among other things (cough...æternity) Emin spoke about the importance of using hardware wallets during the WBD event.
6h ICX ICON Jumps 50% Following News Of Bithumb listing & airdrop
6h QTUM Qtum, Qbao, Vevue: Indie Dramedy NO POSTAGE NECESSARY starring Charleene Closshey To Be First-Ever Feature Film released On The Blockchain
6h PINK RT @Elypse_Pink: @themerklenews @Pinkcoin_ was founded in 2014 and has been running successfully for 4 years. We didn't launch under an ICO…
6h DCR Decred is available on Kaiserex - premium investment and exchange services
6h UKG Daily Crypto listings on exchanges to be completed with unikoin gold
6h CDT why coindash roadmap have been vanshed?
6h GAS If you're using a Ledger to store NEO, be sure to update your firmware [Security]
6h BAT Brave/BAT NYC meetup Canceled Due to Weather/Travel Advisories
7h SUB Daily Crypto listings on exchanges to be completed with SubstratumNetwork
7h BTC Markets update: Bitcoin Back Testing $9,000 in Spite of ‘Death Cross’ FUD
7h ENRG RT @FerhatSF: As we launch International #Blockchain Innovation Center in #Brussels at @FujitsuBelgium, early focus is on #smartcity soluti…
7h EOS RT @eosnewyork: It’s #whitepaperwednesday and a special one at that! The @EOS_io team has released an update to the white paper.
7h LSK release SDK soon. Others are getting far ahead in time
7h ICX Why did the thread about ICX getting listed on Bithumb get removed from /r/cryptocurrency?
7h SYS Bitcab announces partnership with Syscoin! airdropping 4.5% of tokens sold in the ICO to existing SYS holders
7h SAFEX Safex Team holding presentations at Webiz conference this weekend
7h ICX @minhokimme: "Surprise Surprise! @helloiconworld $ICX airdrop event w/ @BithumbOfficial"
8h GLD GoldCoin (GLD) announcements for the last 7 days
8h GBYTE Byteball Bytes (GBYTE) Upcoming events and last 7 days announcements
8h RPX Upcoming event: Blockonomy Shanghai 2018 - March 24, 2018
8h RPX Upcoming event: NYU Shanghai Careerfair - March 23, 2018
8h LEND Upcoming event: New User Interface - March 31, 2018
8h MCO Upcoming event: Consensus 2018 (New York) - May 14, 2018
8h EXP Upcoming event: Bi-weekly Newsletter - April 1, 2018
8h EXP Upcoming event: Johannesburg meetup - April 14, 2018
8h BLOCK Upcoming event: Complete beta release - March 21, 2018
8h BAT Upcoming event: New York meetup - March 21, 2018