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Ardor Latest News:

8h Ignis with encrypted message
11h Using #Ardor, your developers can hit the ground running on your Blockchain application development without the nee…
12h RT @AvdiuSazan: The Ardor answer to smart contracts Lightweight Contracts Lightweight Contracts FAQ
12h Ardor team need to check up with HitBTC
13h #Ardor is designed for the corporate environment, because it uses #proofofstake, as opposed to #proofofwork.…
1d 13h A nice exploration of the #Ardor history and its potential. Thanks @BColwell_ALT for the de…
1d 21h Ardor (ARDR) all-in-one info added here
1d 23h Ardor - The Game. How long can you hodl Ardor? :)
2d 20h Reminder: @Jelurida #Ardor is a principal sponsor for Global Blockchain Technology Summit in London, May 17-18th.…
3d 3h New Q&A with Lior
3d 9h We are pleased to begin sharing our Q&A video series with our co-founder and Managing Director, @lioryaffe. We star…
3d 13h One of the main bottlenecks of existing #smartcontract technology is that it requires every node in the #blockchain…
3d 13h VOTE FOR ARDOR/IGNIS/NXT on Bitfineon! Voting more than once is allowed! Source = Nxter News
3d 14h RT @lioryaffe: I just published “More Advanced Contracts”
3d 22h Nxter News – April 2018 (III): Don’t Tell Me The Sky’s The Limit When There Are Footprints On The Moon
4d 1h Move over Smart Contracts - Lightweight & Advanced Contracts are the future.
4d 2h RT @seb_rouxel: Join StartupToken Blockchain Thursday This week with @dether_io @Jelurida @IGNISguide @NxtCommunity…
4d 8h Excellent review of #Ardor and it's future. Thanks to @cryptorecorder for taking the time to explore why there is s…
4d 9h Binance - information transparency for listed coins/tokens
4d 23h " #Jelurida recognizes the need for businesses to anchor their #blockchain efforts to a secure and scalable platfor…
5d 23h What plugins are available in Ardor/Ignis?
6d 2h TLDR about forging
6d 13h completely underwhelmed with sp,
7d 7h Why do we refuse to let the price above $0.30? Trying to understand more trading.
7d 18h A Few Preview Screenshots of the Triffic App - Lifestyle Gamification on the Ardor/Ignis Blockchain - Please join our Telegram group at for news of our forthcoming ICO.
7d 23h #Ardor integrates well with APIs and is built in #Java, resulting in an easy-to-use application. Unlike other…
8d 6h RT @startuptoken: Next Blockchain Thurdsay in Paris: Great projects coming to pitch! With @dether_io @ETERBASE @Ete…
8d 6h Ignis has dissapeared, Ardor has appeared instead
8d 8h ardor volume doubled in one hour
8d 11h Demo of Ardor Web Wallet: Account creation and overview of built-in exchange with euro peg!