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2h BAT Community Weekly Update: 04/13/2018 - 04/19/2018 — Dow Jones Media Group partners with Brave to offer premium content to users, BAT Community merch giveaways ongoing, more BAT UGP grants on the horizon, growing skepticism over Facebook’s “compliance”
4h Interesting Article about Basic Attention Token, Facebook Scandal and Ads. (portuguese)
6h I want to have an option to use brave as my search engine on my Apple phone. Currently Apple only lets me choose google, Yahoo, bing, and DuckDuckGo.
7h Dashlane with brave
7h BAT $ amount
7h Problem with Brave Browser and Binance?
8h Designing BAT Shirts
8h Vote for BAT token listing on Kucoin
10h [Daily BAT Discussion] Easy Breezy - April 20, 2018
10h BAT ARMY get in here!! Vote for BAT to be the next coin listed on KuCoin! Voting starts TODAY @ 1600 Lets do it!!
11h KuCoin Launches The 4th Round Of Voting Poll
13h My experience with Barron's via Brave.
13h BAT just broke 60,000 addresses!
15h BAT with GitHub ?
16h yall might consider adding some thumbnails so links to brave domains look good on twitter
16h Large location-data tracking ad company, Verve, shuts down business in Europe due to looming GDPR regulations
18h Crypt0: BAT Partners With Dow Jones
19h OMG! This girl just made a BAT nail polish tutorial! Please give her some love :) And do your nails too!
19h "With this browser, ads can’t steal your attention; they have to pay you for it." via @DigitalTrends
20h CNET: If you want Brave's BAT crypto-tokens, the browser soon will start giving them away all the time
1d 22sec Issue with brave after installing dowjones...
1d 3min RT @CNET:
1d 1h When you introduce a friend to the BAT white paper
1d 5h RT @Cointelegraph: Dow Jones Media Group and Brave partner to test Blockchain-based advertising
1d 6h RT @MyBlockExplorer: Cryptocurrency-powered Brave Browser Inks Deal with Dow Jones Media Group #crypto #cryptocurre…
1d 6h RT @coindesk: Dow Jones Media Trials Blockchain With Brave Browser
1d 7h Withdrawing from the BAT wallet?
1d 7h Article on BAT on
1d 7h 24 hour volume is 7k+ BTC as per CMC... 10x volume of what we used to see in the last 2-3 months before the Dow jones announcement...
1d 8h Why do you believe BAT is superior to OYSTR or other similar blockchains?