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Bitcoin Cash / BCC Latest News:

1h Which wallets can I use to get both tokens after the hard fork?
4h Bitmain is going to burn 12% of BCH tx fee’s. asks other pools to join them. This means lower supply. Price (theoretically) goes up, right ?
6h What if BCH was BCN?
7h CoinLive analyzes the factors behind BCH pump.
7h BU - "Bitcoin Cash" Ubuntu PPA repo updated to version
8h Make Effective Strategy To Build Cryptocurrency Exchange Website
10h Bitcoin Cash Approaches $1,000 Ahead Of Hard Fork - Forbes...
10h Ian Balina Hack: Stop Bad Crypto Security Habits!
13h Bitcoin Unlimited Cash version is now available. This release is compatible with the BCH protocol upgrade t…
13h Upgrade Details: Download 0.17.0: BCH Node Stats:…
13h Cryptocurrency market analysis: Bitcoin cash is surging higher, but will this trend continue?
13h Coingeek Funds BCH Blockchain Development Training in the Philippines
15h Bitcoin Cash Gains Advance 4% Above BTC - Bitcoin News
16h Bitbox Project Hosts Two Bitcoin Cash Hackathons - Bitcoin News
20h ‘And Its Gone’ , a marketing stunt gone wrong as CEO jeopardizes ICO
23h SaveDroid Exit Scam Was A PR Stunt
1d 17min Bitcoin Unlimited - Bitcoin Cash edition has just been released
1d 57min Bitcoin Cash MeetUp in Benidorm (South East of Spain)
1d 1h Encrypt a private message to any bitcoin address that has sent a transaction using this ECIES library I just published. Feedback welcome!
1d 1h Why You Should Surrender To Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
1d 1h The ultimate marshmallow test? (17 of #100DaysofSatoshiDoodles)
1d 2h Tonight, First New York City Bitcoin Cash Meetup
1d 3h [ACCEPT BCH] CZIP.ORG / Crypto Archiver / Secure your archives with bitcoin and altcoins payments
1d 4h IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Has Supported the Implementation of Cryptocurrency
1d 9h Why Bitcoin Cash users reject the name 'bcash' so strongly
1d 9h BCH though trading close to it’s intra-day highs is resisting against the 50-day EMA which is around $900. Any breach of 50-day EMA and closing above the same will make BCH gain momentum to it’s next resistance upto $1,080.
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1d 10h A minimum of 50 developers will be trained on developments skills focusing on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. C…
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