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Binance Coin Latest News:

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3h Bitcoin Cash (BCH) among the top gainers ahead of its planned hard fork.
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8h Vitalik Buterin does not have a long-term plan for Ethereum.
10h Crypto Exchange Binance Denies It Will Introduce Dollar Trading
18h WOW Monster Eats The Image
1d 30min Data sets in 1 minute trading views for Bollinger bands and moving average.
1d 36min Lost my phone
1d 1h Binance with Malta’s Banks will provide “fiat-to-crypto exchange”
1d 2h Why is SNC not on binance?
1d 4h Nano deposit
1d 5h No Confirmation Emails, and no it's not a spam folder or whitelist problem
1d 5h Margin Trading on Binance
1d 6h When will you patch Nano node to V12 ? I want to buy after the dump
1d 10h Android Binance app not working. The graph will not load.
1d 11h Anyone else TIED up to the GLITCHING POST
1d 11h EOS token registration by binance!!??
1d 11h How crypto currency exchanges manages the process of conversion from one currency to another.
1d 19h Can I send funds from a binance account to another binance account?
2d 1h API key question
2d 1h Whats the chances binance uses bots to watch our trades??
2d 2h What does Binance do with Stake rewards?
2d 3h Unable to log on to Binance - Anyone else with this problem?
2d 4h Question about the new withdraw whitelist function...
2d 5h has anyone had a problem with multiple accounts?