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36min Bitcoin Fans in Kiev Set to Create Statue of Satoshi Nakamoto
57min Dual-Funded Channels:Submarine Swaps: Splicing:Eltoo:Compact Client-Side Block Filtering:Watchtowers:Atomic Multi-Path Payments:Atomic Swaps:Channel Factories:Schnorr:Bulletproofs and more....How to win at bitcoin.
1h bitPico Threatens Bitcoin Cash With ‘Multiple Forks’
1h Saw this guy today, in case anyone needed a reminder
1h Court Halts Sale of Mt Gox Bitcoin Stash until 2019 : Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis
2h [OC] Guys, we've been here before and we'll be here again. Just settle in and enjoy the ride.
3h Bitcoin Price Drop, Hacks, and FEC Regulations: This Week in Crypto
3h Look at these brave souls, fighting the good fight:
4h Analyst Todd Gordon Predicts Bitcoin Price Rebound to $10,000
5h Bitcoin Prices Continue To Decline, Hitting Fresh 2018 Low
5h I'm loving the names people chose on the Lightning pokemon game (
5h Bitpay is fucking disgusting
6h Bitcoin Price to Drop to $4,000 Before Bouncing to $10,000 According to Senior Analyst
6h Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Remains Where It Is
7h Silicon Valley Whales Buy Diamonds in the Millions With Bitcoin
7h John McAfee: “Get Real,” Bitcoin Keeps Growing
7h Bitcoin's Next Support Level As Low As $5,100
7h Bitcoin Rallies above $6,000 as BTC Market Dominance Reaches Two-Month High
7h Would you sell your unused bandwidth for bitcoin?
7h 2018 September BTC price would be equal to its 2017 September price?
8h Bitcoin Was Supposed to be Above $10K by Now, but It’s at Lows Not Seen This Year
8h Bitcoin Hits New 2018 Low Amid Shaken Investor Confidence
8h $1.2 Billion Dollar Worth of Bitcoin Almost Set to be Returned by Mt.Gox
8h Remember when 1 BTC cost $12K, $14K, $15K...
9h Bitmain Approaching 51% of Total Bitcoin Network Hashrate
9h China's Latest Government-Backed Crypto Rankings Put EOS 1st, BTC 17th
9h MycryptoBank ATM just Out!
9h What new capabilities do we hope to have working on the Lightning main net over the next 6 - 12 months.
10h Bitcoin’s Bad Year May Not Turn Around Anytime Soon
10h Ethereum Classic Market Report: Bitcoin Falls to 2018 Low – $ETC Declines