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27min Reporting ???? LIVE from the Beyond 4.0 Conference in #Ljubljana, organized by @AdriaticCouncil
1h "Blockchain is the ultimate #solution for small nations to successfully fight the brain drain." ???? - @zenelb
1h Listen in on the #decentralized #insurance and @etherisc at #ethNYC meetup ????
1h Come and highfive @unico_global at @Pioneers #pioneers18 ????
1h Check out @DataFundProject 's beta versions of the #whitepaper and #businessprimer ????
1d 42min The Blockchain Show Ep. 6 - When is an ICO beneficial?
1d 57min ⛓️The Blockchain Show⛓️ Marina explaining when doing an #ICO is actually beneficial long-term to a #startup ???? ⬇️⬇️⬇️
1d 57min Mayank from #mentoring at #Pune
1d 1h ????It's lit at the #pioneers18 @Pioneers ???? We were just part of the #speeddating with #startups, greet us if you mee…
1d 5h Pioneers'18 rolling in #Viena today and tomorrow! @Pioneers #pioneers18 See you there! ????
1d 23h Our #developers are EGGILE™ ???? ???? ➡️ #agiledeveloment #startup #eggile
2d 3h Celebrate the #WorldProductDay, map your product, and mingle away! Today at 6 pm! ⬇️⬇️⬇️
2d 4h Product-market fit means that the market has already given you some validation of the #value you’re providing —a lo…
2d 23h [SI] Congrats! ???? ???? ???? Datafund featured in Slovene #news
3d 4h Nice meeting you too @nemeikstyte ???? Best regards to Vilnius and good luck!????
3d 22h The Blockchain Show Ep 5. - SLOVENIA as the ICO country
3d 23h ⛓️The Blockchain Show⛓️ Marko on why #Slovenia is so inclined towards #innovation and rich in #blockchain knowledge…
4d 7min Actionable research is one of the tools we are presenting to help #startups assess their product-market fit and pow…
4d 4h This week is Pioneers'18 week! Meet Nika and Vlado from and be at the meeting point of the…
4d 5h Our beginnings with @Musiconomi ????and how we clicked in an interview with @enlightperform and @davidwerba
7d 42min Daily Blockchain Show Ep. 4 - On fractional ownership at TOKEN SUMMIT III
7d 47min ⛓️The Blockchain Show⛓️ ????From Token Summit III: Ambroz on what fractional ownership means for security tokens. ⬇️…
7d 1h Daily Blockchain Show Ep. 3 - CONSENSUS 2018 COMMENTARY
7d 2h ⛓️The #Blockchain Show⛓️ Daniel and Petros comment on the atmosphere at the Consensus 2018 ???? ⬇️⬇️⬇️…
7d 2h Follow Instagram and keep on track
7d 3h ⛓️ Marina, @parulmac and Ambroz sending waves ???? from @token_summit #token_summit #tokensummit #NYBlockchainWeek
7d 3h RT @danielzak: What a difference to #Consenus2018 earlier this week
8d 4h RT @DataFundProject: A picture is worth more than a 1.000 words :) @zenelb Reclaim your data, reclaim your freedom!
8d 22h Carlos Eduardo Espinal from @seedcamp ???? “ICOs changes everything and ...nothing. "it is not all about money... It i…
8d 22h Research on