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Centra Latest News:

4d 6h Upcoming Event: KuCoin Will Be Closing The Withdrawal Of CTR - May 3, 2018    reddit.com
4d 13h Best alternative crypto credit card token - Bonpay    reddit.com
5d 17h KuCoin Will Be Closing The Withdrawal Of Centra (CTR)    reddit.com
10d 4h ADVICE from me (Tried one in Centra Telegram, but got banned immediately by moderator)    reddit.com
10d 23h 100k ETH in centra - who gets it?    reddit.com
11d 1h What happened to this coin?    reddit.com
11d 3h WOW!!!!!!!!! Centra (CTR) $0.014082 USD (-77.69%) 0.00000209 BTC (-76.86%) 0.00003506 ETH (-77.92%)    reddit.com
12d 5h Where I can sell my CTR tokens    reddit.com
12d 5h Guess why the volume ie on Cryptopia is significantly increasing?    reddit.com
12d 5h This could be a scam too    reddit.com
12d 7h Stop spreading Fuds, Centra is up and running    reddit.com
13d 6h The reason why the FBI and SEC did what they did    reddit.com
13d 18h Mayweather Right now.    reddit.com
15d 2h Make sure he doesn't get away with working for Share Ring Next...    reddit.com
15d 3h Centra tech office still open or not?    reddit.com
15d 5h Centra: the self destruction    reddit.com
15d 13h TNB may give you hope    reddit.com
15d 14h Bye bye poop coin!    reddit.com
15d 16h Binance delists Centra    reddit.com
15d 16h Will there be a chance to file claims against the Centra cofounders?    reddit.com
15d 17h CTR - Shouldn't Binance have delisted it by now?    reddit.com
15d 23h Sell your coins now!    reddit.com
15d 23h Sam/Farkas    reddit.com
16d 6h Read The Criminal Complaint Filed by the SEC!!    reddit.com
16d 7h How in the hell is this pumped up 78% and still going??    reddit.com
16d 7h Centra Tech Discord for the investors who are mad.    reddit.com
16d 18h This is Centra    reddit.com
16d 22h This is Centra Tech    reddit.com
16d 23h Pharoah The Destroyer Banning everyone From Discord and Telegram    reddit.com
17d 10min Let me taste your tears! im buying and wont stop!    reddit.com