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Eidoo Latest News:

5h Eidoo now has the VQF license    reddit.com
8h Do we have to manually add SHL token in the Eidoo wallet and how?    reddit.com
9h #Eidoo now has the VQF license:    twitter.com
1d 4h Here the streaming of the CryptoPolis event where we are presenting 4 new #ICO: Sgame, ORS, Parkingo e Dartcoin:…    twitter.com
1d 12h RT @AmeTomasicchio: Can't wait to use this app. #Wallem is the best project/game in the #crypto space.     twitter.com
1d 12h Join our Telegram community with more than 5000 users. Ask questions to our support and find out more about our pro…    twitter.com
1d 13h Eidoo is sponsor of ICO Race, the Grand Prix of token sales. If you have an ICO, join us and win $1mln    reddit.com
1d 13h #Eidoo and #ICOEngine are the official sponsors of #ICORace, an event to award the best #tokensales of 2018. Read h…    twitter.com
1d 14h RT @eidoo_io: Important announcement - A new #Eidoo bonus! Read here how to be eligible to receive some EDO tokens:    twitter.com
2d 5h Review: Edo's refined Japanese fare adds to Papanui Rd's melting pot    stuff.co.nz
2d 6h A new ICO Eidoo will launch in the near future    reddit.com
2d 8h Tomorrow in Lugano we will participate in a #blockchain event where a few of our new #ICO will talk about their pro…    twitter.com
2d 13h Eidoo is one of the “Best #Blockchain Employers in #Europe”.     twitter.com
3d 4h We are experiencing daily fraud by fake Twitter accounts that pretend to be us. Please remember that we didn't org…    twitter.com
3d 6h A new upcoming #Eidoo #ICO related to #gaming. It is called @sgame_official #dailyupdate.     twitter.com
3d 11h A new #Eidoo upcoming #ICO.    twitter.com
4d 12h A lot of airdrops coming soon for #Eidoo users. Here a list to be sure they are official: - Eidoo 10% to #ICO parti…    twitter.com
4d 12h . @Hive_Power postpones its #tokensale. More info about another #airdrop: #mondaymotivation    twitter.com
5d 12h Download the #Eidoo app for your #cryptocurrency on Google Play or iOS and leave us a feedback!…    twitter.com
7d 5h Important announcement: a new Eidoo bonus, read how to be eligible    reddit.com
7d 5h Important announcement - A new #Eidoo bonus! Read here how to be eligible to receive some EDO tokens: #dailyupdate    twitter.com
7d 11h A new #ICO we will organize with our ICOengine, #Dartcoin. Read more here:    twitter.com
8d 15min I received the below in my Eidoo wallet. Can someone explain what is it please? Thanks    reddit.com
8d 5h Live from #Milan at the #fintechforumita with our CEO @ThomasBertani    twitter.com
8d 6h The #Eidoo team has grown very much! Here a picture of our #meeting this morning in #Lugano, #Switzerland. We are w…    twitter.com
9d 4h Tomorrow you can meet our CEO @ThomasBertani in #Milan for the Italian Fintech Forum, an event about #blockchain an…    twitter.com
9d 5h Thomas Bertani (Eidoo): “The hybrid exchange will arrive very soon”    reddit.com
9d 5h New interview with our CEO @ThomasBertani on Cryptonomist. Read more here:    twitter.com
9d 7h Today in Milan for the #BlockchainNow event. It has been a pleasure! #iothingsmilan #fintech #Blockchain    twitter.com
10d 5h Our #ICOengine is going to launch new more #ICOs including @sgame_official, @ParkinGO_ e #Dartcoin. Stay tuned!…    twitter.com