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aelf Latest News:

9h aelf CEO Ma Haobo was invited by World Blockchain Conference
13h Are you ready for World Blockchain Conference?
13h aelf CEO Ma Haobo was invited by World Blockchain Conference, looking forward to seeing you in Macau!
17h Aelf is proud to announce a close partnership with . will launch an exclusive city supporting ELF token.
19h aelf is proud to announce a close partnership with will launch an…
1d 13h RT @LoningMa: Do you wanna a cat pad? come and join aelf.
1d 14h proud to have sponsored the Blockchain career fair at UC Berkeley. Looking forward to connecting with most applican…
2d 9h Aelf (ELF) is Coming Off Stronger with Bithumb Listing
2d 9h Aelf fortifies South Korean presence with Bithumb listing
2d 12h Aelf Token ELF Listed On Major S Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb
2d 13h
3d 15h Incentive to get projects on Aelf mainnet
4d 2h Zhuling Chen on cryptocurrency regulation in the East and West
4d 9h ælf Releases Latest Progress Report (Apr 2rd — Apr 15th)
4d 15h I just published “AELF Progress Report (Apr 2rd — Apr 15th)”
5d 9h Important message for quiz winners
6d 7h Chen Zhuling: "Honored to speak in the panel “new wave of technologies” at Deconomy in South Korea"
6d 7h Due to some issues of email address, we had to use [email protected] to send you mails. The mail you got from t…
6d 7h Aelf — The Linux of Blockchains
6d 8h Just got this email - the info looks correct, but it seems off. Is it legit? 100 ELF for the plushie?
6d 8h Haobo Ma also expresses that aelf will continue to explore possibilities in blockchain technology, and contribute what support it can towards the nation’s plan for the industry.
6d 15h RT @LoningMa: New aelf member,mew~
6d 15h aelf — the Linux of Blockchain
6d 15h aelf could not have achieved the success it has today without support from a top level society. Haobo Ma also expre…
6d 17h NEW AELF WEB WALLET RELEASE SOON - to go with your candy wallet!
6d 17h Aelf - Coincentral beginners guide...
6d 21h Aelf uptrend
6d 21h aelf bug
7d 2h How many winners will have the opportunity to buy an aelfie?