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Enjin Coin Latest News:

3h War of Crypto, a pioneering game using Enjin's blockchain integration tools, is "Blockchain Game of the Week" on…    twitter.com
7h "Enjin is getting huge exposure in Korea, towards the key market - Korean game developers. Once the SDK goes live,…    twitter.com
11h Enjin at OKEx    reddit.com
13h RT @CryptoCollecto: We are thrilled to bring you this week's Blockchain Game of the Week: #7 War of Crypto ???? @WarOfCrypto @enjin    twitter.com
14h Anticipation for a stable stock increase?    reddit.com
19h RT @OKEx_: OKEx Global Meetup Tour 2018OKEx kicks off the global tour at the first stop - Singapore!    twitter.com
20h Why would our Chief Communications Officer, @RogerWalco, be getting his makeup done in South Korea? Stay tuned fo…    twitter.com
1d 3h EnjinQuest, the game we demoed at GDC 2018, is made with Unity and powered by our upcoming Unity SDK. It’s a blockc…    twitter.com
1d 8h Why would our Chief Communications Officer @RogerWalco be getting makeup done in South Korea? Stay tuned for even…    twitter.com
1d 8h Enjin Coin has just been featured on prime time news in China, on the Guangdong Television network. The segment was…    twitter.com
1d 9h We don't just have exciting news, we ARE exciting news! #ENJNews #EnjinCoin $ENJ    twitter.com
1d 10h Our Chief Operating Officer Lilia Pritchard will be speaking at the Singapore leg of OKEX's Global Meetup Tour in 9…    twitter.com
1d 10h Enjin Coin at Unite Seoul 2018    reddit.com
1d 11h Enjin Coin at Unite Seoul 2018: Korean MMOs, tech demos, new business connections and amazing developer feedback —…    twitter.com
1d 20h It looks like Enjin Coin is about to receive some national TV coverage in two separate countries! Our COO Lilia Pr…    twitter.com
2d 3h We have launched a new channel for our Korean supporters. Come chat with us and keep up to date with all the lates…    twitter.com
2d 3h We have launched a new channel for our Korean supporters. Come chat with us, join the community, and keep up to da…    twitter.com
2d 8h A superbly informative video by someone who knows what they're talking about (a game developer). "We have a proble…    twitter.com
2d 20h Here's a visual depiction of Enjin Coin's core ecosystem. This flowchart shows the movement of data that will enabl…    twitter.com
3d 3h Our Developer Portal will streamline adoption and include a community forum to encourage the creation of shared eco…    twitter.com
3d 4h Minecraft plugin release    reddit.com
3d 8h Discovering Godot - Learn To Code By Making Games A project by @GameDevTV & @BenTristem to fund a full course to t…    twitter.com
3d 19h From $93 Bn in 2015 to $180 Bn in 2021. Such rapid growth is mind blowing for an industry that’s been around for 50 years.    reddit.com
3d 20h "The overall global gaming industry is growing at lightning speed. Just three years ago the global games market ear…    twitter.com
3d 20h Let us fund your game economy - get a supply of $ENJ and a marketing push for your game. Sign up and we'll let you…    twitter.com
3d 21h Custom tokens    reddit.com
3d 21h Is Segwit supported on Enjin wallet?    reddit.com
3d 23h RT @Versecast: Hey #TGwS! Those Guys with Ships #203 - What About Your Friends? is UP! @SeaOfThieves @enjin #seaofthieves    twitter.com
4d 3h Our developers are working day and night to get the new update released! Please support them by leaving a review!…    twitter.com
4d 7h Enjin Wallet Update Incoming Soon! - ARM Update which makes the wallet more secure - View and manage infinite walle…    twitter.com