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Ethereum Classic Latest News:

21min Take me to your leader...
12h The $ETC community expands at a rapid pace. Congratulations on 1500 @etcjapan ???? #etcJapan #ETCAsia #EthereumClassic…
13h "Let's Talk ETC!" Podcast Series by @chris_seberino of @InputOutputHK A series of powerful interviews with influen…
15h The @ETCCooperative: Happy to sponsor @DogeconVan 2018. Hopefully ETC folks can make 2019 #Dogecoin…
16h “The exchange has been developed by Saturn Network, exclusively for $ETC” Ethereum Classic Expands with RADEX: The…
22h Claymore Dual Miner 11 Invalid Archive
23h "By providing a #dApp browser & decentralized exchange, they've made $ETC more attractive for development." Saturn…
1d 11min RT @eth_classic: Learn about the $ETC sidechain project in collaboration with @OpenStack ⛓ #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
1d 56min Will Coinbase pump be really that great?
1d 5h Exciting updates ahead...
1d 5h Team Saturn has successfully deployed Radex onto ETC, creating the first decentralized exchange for Ethereum Classic. A Truly great Achievement !
1d 6h Ethereum classic gets support from Metamask: Opens door to endless possibilities
1d 6h 1080ti tag team @ 2 miners
1d 7h Releases Radex Decentralized Exchange on $ETC #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
1d 12h Check out Radex Classic! What other tokens would you like to trade here?
1d 12h "ETC Labs is an incubator on a mission to accelerate development of the #Ethereum Classic Ecosystem." An Introduct…
1d 14h Learn about the $ETC sidechain project in collaboration with @OpenStack ⛓ #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
1d 15h Possible future Metamask supoort for $ETC. Opens the door to endless possibilities #Ethereum #Interoperability…
1d 18h Play Games, Win EthereumClassic instantly!!!!!
1d 22h RT @etcjapan: Angoさんによるまとめ記事「これで間違いなし!イーサリアムクラシックおすすめ最強取引所TOP3」 #ETC #ETCjapan
1d 22h Medipedia Rewards System for More Benefits
2d 3h Ethereum Classic Deposits Now Open on @nova_exchange ???? #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
2d 5h Brazilian Exchange @CoinbeneBrasil Now Offers $ETC Trading ???? #ClassicIsComing #EthereumClassic
2d 6h What happened to the DAO money?
2d 7h ETCRoyal - Fully Decentralized Casino Running On ETC !
2d 7h An Introduction to Ethereum Classic Labs
2d 7h Ethereum Classic launches RADEX: First decentralized platform for ETC !
2d 11h HUOBI 10 Index Becomes The First Blockchain-Related Index To Be Listed On The Bloomberg Terminal — Steemit
2d 11h Saturn Wallet - Access dApps on ETH and ETC - Ethereum World News
2d 11h ETC continues to climb in bear market. When Coinbase listing occurs look for the price to go to at least $50 in my opinion. DYOR. Starts at 2:40 of video.