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Ethereum Classic Latest News:

1h Ethereum Classic Pool Launched. No Fee. PPLNS Reward. Come one and join to increase hashes.
1h Mantis-Daedalus v1.1 RC3 Windows 10 Binaries Released
1h Running a Windows 10 Machine? $ETC Mantis-Daedalus RC3 binaries are now available for #Windows 10 ⚙️ by…
11h #Ethereum doesn't make sense sometimes - Send a transaction. Easy! - Get a single transaction. Sure, easy! - Show l…
13h Crypto Investor Ian Balina Hacked for Millions in Ether During Livestream
17h Received CLO on Classic ether wallet but ETC doesnt show
19h ETCDEV | Geth Classic v5.2 New Features: Introducing geth_getAddressTransactions - address and transaction indexing
19h RT @ETCCooperative: ASICs and the latest $ETC news on the Let's Talk ETC podcast! Catch-up on what you missed this past month.
1d 1h New #Geth Classic Available
1d 1h New Classic #Geth v5.2.0 Available
1d 6h RT @ETCCooperative: The ETC China WeChat is picking up steam after just launching yesterday. Thanks @CRSXu!
1d 8h Ethereum Classic On The Way To $20
1d 9h #ThrowbackThursday ETCDEV CTO Igor Artamonov @splix Talks $ETC future and how team plans to deliver @etcdev…
1d 13h Ethereum Classic $ETC - Proposes to set limits on the DAG file Averting potential future mining difficulties ⛏…
1d 15h Which is your preferred cryptocurrency from Bitcoin or Ethereum to invest?
1d 16h Firmware update for Ledger Nano S @LedgerHQ
2d 1h Lowest Fee Ethereum Classic mining pool with PPLNS reward system. Come and join the unique design Pool.
2d 1h Ethereum Classic developer of Team Grothendieck #IOHK Lukasz Gasior @lukasgasior speaks at @BlockYard2018 on permis…
2d 3h RT @InputOutputHK: Updates from the latest IOHK Team Grothendieck-Ethereum Classic Scala Client Meeting, April 17, 2018
2d 7h Ethereum (ETH) May Ultimately Lose To Cardano (ADA), NEO (NEO) And Ethereum Classic (ETC)
2d 13h Looks like this is the current date for block 5.9M 2018-05-24 02:55:22 UTC
2d 18h Question about the detailed roadmap for 2018.
2d 23h This Week's #Scala Client Update via @InputOutputHK Team Grothendieck⚙️ - v1.1 RC3 binary complete - Sync issues r…
3d 2h New $ETC Improvement Proposal (ECIP) Fixed DAG Limit Restriction Join the discussion - Share your thoughts:…
3d 2h ECIP-1043 Reddit Discussion
3d 3h RT @ETCCooperative: New Let's Talk $ETC podcast! Get your ETC news without the arduous task of reading.
3d 10h New Ecosystem Proposal by #NodeOS & #dApp API Suite * Software Su…
4d 1h New Episode - Let’s Talk ETC!
4d 1h Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) #36 - Bitmain's Antminer E3 & Anthony (Pyskell)'s Latest ETC News