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Ethereum Latest News:

1h We Met The Founder Of Ethereum, VICE on HBO
1h Strong incentive for Polkadot/Parity team to initiate a hard fork
2h Amazon Web Services Releases Blockchain Frameworks For Ethereum And Hyperledger Fabric
3h Smart Contracts: A Conversation With Joe Lubin and Stephen Wolfram
4h 257k ETH signaling support for EIP-999
5h Ethereum founder plans for just months not years
5h Why and How We Built the Bounties Network
5h How to Register for the Virtue Poker Token Sale
6h US Regulators Asked Not to Classify Ethereum as a Security: NYT Report
6h Blockchain Healthcare technology is one of the most innovative inventions
6h EIP 999 IS controversial
6h AWS Is Making Hyperledger and Ethereum Easier to Use
6h AWS Is Making It Easier to Use Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum
6h ERC-223 wallet with API
6h Scaling ethereum short term (6 months/1 year)
7h EU Parliament Votes in Favour of Stricter Crypto Regulation
7h Ethereum’s Buterin: Altcoin Valuations ‘Far Ahead Of Accomplishments’
8h Strong Roots, a 1200% Annual Growth Challenger Brand in the Frozen Food Category Joins Ethereum-Based INS Ecosystem
8h Dilbert on Blockchain (Hilarious)
8h How do I change Parity data directory?
8h AWS Launches Blockchain Templates
8h Status Incubate - The first of many Status' Projects
9h Ether Capital Becomes the World’s First Publicly Traded Company Focused on the Ethereum Ecosystem
11h EIP 1011 - the specification for Ethereum Casper FFG hybrid PoS/PoW - was just published.
11h EIP for Casper FFG published
11h Venture Capitalists Met with SEC to Discuss Crypto ‘Safe Harbor’
11h Latest Effort To Recover $260 Million Crypto Fortune
13h Something fishy is going on, potentially a multimillion dollar ERC20 token hack
14h Vitalik Buterin has no Multi-Year Plan for Ethereum and That’s OK
16h Announcing Crux, a Secure Enclave for Quorum