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GoldCoin Latest News:

1d 6h Goldcoin on Yobit !
2d 12h Make sure to vote on their pole and show some support! P.s report the guy trying to scam
3d 2h GoldCoin (GLD) biggest % gainer on Bittrex second time this week!
3d 9h Join the Rebel Alliance on Telegram and help our Jedi Masters use "The Force" to climb the ranks and capture the #1 position on CMC!
3d 18h Leave a positive review for Goldcoin if you have some time.
3d 20h Cryptocurrency: Why It's About More Than Just Bitcoin
4d 10h Former Coca-Cola Manager Adam Sharek is appointed Head of Exchange Relations as GoldCoin (GLD) sets its sights on CMC Top 25!
5d 7h GoldCoin has been added to the Cheddur app!
6d 21h GoldCoin all-in-one info added here
7d 5h GoldCoin will obsolete traditional savings accounts as consumers begin transferring their nest eggs to its Bullet-Proof Blockchain.
7d 7h Cryptocurrency GoldCoin $GLD Appreciates 65% During the Last Day
9d 1h GoldCoin (GLD) looks right at Home on top of the new Bittrex Website!
9d 21h Visual Demo - How to use GoldCoin with 49 merchants (1 merchant Demo)
9d 23h GoldCoin is listed on ( ) a cryptocurrency gateway for 49 merchants
10d 49min The Goldcoin News and Technology website is now live!
10d 4h Bittrex has just put its beta site into Production. Looking good guys!
11d 1h GoldCoin (GLD) Client Hits the Scene With Major Improvements!
11d 5h new Websites for Goldcoin !
17d 2h [Official] The Goldcoin Whitepaper (aka "Gold Paper") is Here!
17d 12h Limited Release: The new Windows GoldCoin client
17d 18h We created a simple crypto events/announcements calendar website for GoldCoin (GLD)
22d 19h more info about goldcoin
23d 7h Upcoming Event: C3 Crypto Conference - April 5, 2018 12:00 AM - April 6, 2018 11:59 PM
29d 3h Goldcoin (GLD) available to track on CryptoPricer
30d 8h GoldCoin (GLD) Announcements for the last 7 days
1m 2d 17h join the Goldcoin Bandwagon now !
1m 6d 4h We are happy to Announce that Goldcoin is one of the Media Partners at the BBConfBerlin !
1m 8d 2h Goldcoin, Where is it headed next?
1m 12d 7h GoldCoin (GLD) Upcoming events for the next 7 days
1m 14d 4h Goldcoin use of case