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IOCoin Latest News:

11h Update on the community funding request: Thank you! #blockchain #legal #iocoin $ioc
12h update on the community / legal funding request
1d 12h Microblogging based on #blockchain Do you control your data? #iocoin $ioc #privacy #telegram #twitter #bitcoin $eth
2d 3h Live Community hangout, news and chat at 2:15pm $IOC
2d 14h I/O Coin was already securing your messages with AES256 encryption but as of now also your transactional data with…
2d 19h NEW RELEASE! "IOC-API-Stealth-(V.2)" Developers can now compile and start using stealth addresses. We will be worki…
3d 1h Rebrand - Coin Burn - ICO - Marketing
3d 13h A request for the community
3d 13h A request for the community: - we think ahead and need your help. Thank you for your support. #ioc #iocoin
3d 16h Today is a great day for privacy, security and innovation. Today I/O Coin will be launching stealth addresses. IOC…
4d 9h Join our Reddit page for latest I/O Coin news and updates. #blockchain #iocoin
5d 7h Updated API documentation: - Added messaging features. Anybody can utilize the I/O Coin…
5d 7h Updated API Documentation - added messaging
5d 12h Look what I saw I n the gym. Keep working. #promotion #iocoin $ioc
6d 6h $IOC will be releasing the API for stealth addresses on Tuesday. We are implementing an entirely private ecosystem…
6d 6h Our latest development update available on Youtube: #iocoin #blockchain $ioc
7d 8h Scientific Computation with #blockchain - IOC will be able to utilize extra available Blockchain computing power to…
7d 11h $1 = 1 IOC
8d 18min Just a few days (Tuesday) and we will add another great feature to our expanding I/O Coin ecosystem. You can alread…
9d 1h Be aware of scammers. We do not give away any ETH. Please check official @IO_Coin account name (see yellow arrow).…
9d 2h Updated API docs released
9d 2h I/O Coin (IOC) API documentation updated to version 1.4: #blockchain #iocoin $ioc
9d 6h Mosaic CEO and Head Researcher at Chatam House
9d 23h Announcing the upcoming release of Stealth features
10d 38sec I/O Coin to launch stealth addresses coming tuesday. A big step forward in Enterprise #blockchain technology. Steal…
10d 6h Breaking! Joel Bosh in IOC development update: "IOC Blockchain will enable stealth addresses with shading next week…
10d 7h Live I/O Coin development AMA in 10 minutes
10d 7h Live AMA in 10 minutes
11d 9h Coin listing requests these days... Genuine self-funded projects are hard to find. Tomorrow AMA with Project manage…
12d 6h Chatamhouse primer blockchain