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Kyber Network Latest News:

1d 7h Great news!
1d 9h Kyber network is sponsoring Blockchain Festival in Vietnam. Loi Luu, Co-Founder and CEO of Kyber Network to give a speech about future of decentralized exchanges.
1d 11h Anybody having problems right now exchanging?
1d 12h When can we exchange any token with DAI Stablecoin?
1d 23h Want to join us for our event on the 8th of June? Participate in the competition below to win flights, accomodatio…
2d 8h How to list a Token on Kyber.Network?
3d 2h Different Roles in Kyber Network (KNC)
3d 9h The DRC Cryptocurrency Rating Agency Gives An Overall Good Score To Kyber Networks!
3d 19h Kyber Network on Cryptopiece
3d 21h To celebrate the next step for Kyber Network, we are offering 1 lucky winner a trip for 2 to Singapore! ???? How to en…
4d 46min Kyber is the 4th largest DEX
4d 2h Will we eventually get rid of KYC and become truly decentralized?
4d 14h $DGX trading on is resumed. Thank you for your patience, and have a nice day!
5d 46min Crypto Rating Agency DRC Gives KyberNetwork an A Grade
5d 3h RT @VitalikButerin: Wow, @etherscan has a lot of really cool new tools lately: * DEX tracker: * DEX order books: h…
6d 10h DRC rating issues independent report on Kyber Network
6d 19h What do we need to do to get 0x and FUN on Kyber, the sooner the better, thanks.
6d 19h GNT, 0x, FUN vs. MOT, PQX, GTO and ELF Kyber, what is the hold up with getting these much larger volume coins on? Love the network, need better coins!
6d 21h Decentralized ETFs explained
7d 21h Thank you for the kind words! ????????
7d 22h Our Product Manager, Anurag, wrote a great piece about Kyber!
8d 2h Introducing Kyber Network (KNC) on Zebpay
8d 3h Kyber Network Review
8d 13h Get Pumped for the Kyber Network, Huobi Blockchain Conference
8d 18h KNC a major holding in Hashed's $250 million investment portfolio
9d 3h Kyber Network is currently the most popular exchange to trade DAI on! ???? Try out the exchange here:…
9d 3h Here's how Kybernetwork compares to the top 10 coins
9d 18h Kybernetwork In Crypto Listings on Exchanges
9d 19h Used Kyber Network for first time - WOW
10d 24min RT @CryptovestMedia: #Edcon Cryptovest Q&A with Loi Luu, Founder & CEO of @KyberNetwork Read more: #blockchain @loi…