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EthLend Latest News:

14h UI inspiration from Bloom
1d 7h is down
1d 7h RT @boxmining: What coin do you think will lead the next Bull RUN!
1d 10h Does ‘unbanked’ mean ‘undeserving’?
1d 23h
2d 7h Daily-sub: What do you think of collateral withdrawals for the borrower?
2d 8h ETHLend Seeking License for Fiat-Based Loans
2d 8h Upcoming Event: Ethereal NY - May 11, 2018 12:00 AM - May 12, 2018 11:59 PM
2d 20h What time and time zone are the loans due?
2d 23h ETHlend mentioned in this weeks Crypto News
3d 3h ETHLend Seeks European License to Issue Fiat-Based P2P Loans
3d 5h ETHLend Reaches Record Breaking — Over 12,500 ETH Lending Volume
3d 5h
3d 6h
3d 7h
4d 54min ETHlend banned from r/cryptocurrrency?
4d 5h
4d 6h ETHLend Expands to FIAT Lending, Initiating Licensing Process
4d 7h
4d 21h ETHLend listed as best Dapp of 2018!
5d 19h
6d 5h Big idea for Ethlend: Ethbet
6d 21h Ethereum ETH reached $500 again
7d 3h ETHLend Expands to FIAT Lending: Will Initiate Licensing Process
7d 6h
7d 16h ethlend hasnt pumped yet
8d 4h
8d 7h EthLend mentioned positively in article about lending on the blockchain
8d 22h
9d 2h Check out our overview of ETHLend :)