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Loopring Latest News:

12h Loopring Wiki    reddit.com
13h I just published “路印协议项目进度报告(第18期)”    twitter.com
13h I just published “Loopring Bi-Weekly Update - 06/24/2018”    twitter.com
16h Issue with binding addresses for LRN airdrop using Ledger Wallet    reddit.com
23h #LRN airdrop countdown! Only seven days left. Please pay attention to the #snapshot & #airdrop days!    twitter.com
2d 5h The applications of this kind of tech cannot be understated. #Loopring was initially conceived as a progressive sol…    twitter.com
3d 3h #Loopring’s new AMA Session is coming soon! Daniel will start to answer your questions on June 28th. Question colle…    twitter.com
3d 7h New exchange added LRC with three trading pairs. We are mooning :D Register now and support our coin    reddit.com
4d 5h Post Your Question RIGHT NOW!    reddit.com
4d 10h New development! #Loopring Ecosystem will support more kinds of DEX applications and wallets in the near future.…    twitter.com
4d 17h Unbinding -> Rebinding -> Trouble shouting (LRN)    reddit.com
5d 7h Loopring Coin: sleeping giant in cryptocurrency space    reddit.com
5d 8h We have implemented signing and submitting orders by just scanning their QR code. We have also simplified wallet cr…    twitter.com
6d 2h My week on Twitter ????: 54 Mentions, 39.1K Mention Reach, 505 Likes, 538 Retweets, 430K Retweet Reach. See yours with…    twitter.com
6d 3h Adoption!!! Hopefully one of many to come!    reddit.com
6d 5h What Is Loopring?    reddit.com
6d 7h Going forward, will contribute back to the research and development of the entire #Loopring…    twitter.com
6d 12h Our biggest fans this week: @CRYPTO4business, @Brad_Laurie, @Exp_Mark. Thank you! via    twitter.com
6d 13h Loopr2    reddit.com
6d 20h Weekly Discussion & Important Links/Threads - June 18, 2018    reddit.com
7d 20h I just published “关于相关项目和路印生态的说明”    twitter.com
8d 12h Question about binding address for airdrops    reddit.com
8d 13h Loopring is fastest growing community on Twitter!    reddit.com
8d 16h How can I claim my LRN and LRQ tokens?    reddit.com
9d 8h I just published “https://t.co/Ypc8wHv7nR Launched a DEX based on Loopring”    twitter.com
9d 11h There will be a #Loopring AMA Session soon! Daniel will start to answer your questions on June 28th. Question colle…    twitter.com
10d 7h The $LRC token has gained nearly 9% over the past 24 hours to trade near $0.56. It has a total value of $313.7 mill…    twitter.com
11d 4h Stuck in watch-only mode    reddit.com
11d 6h Loopring Founder Daniel Wang AMA on June 28th, 2018. Post Your Questions HERE!!    reddit.com
11d 7h RT @loopringorg: I just published “Loopring Bi-Weekly Update — 06/10/2018”    twitter.com