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Loopring Latest News:

2h Airdrop binding address    reddit.com
2h LRN, Loopring’s protocol token on #NEO, will be listed on 5 exchanges on May 1st. ……    twitter.com
5h RT @CoinsCalendar: @loopringorg $LRC Loopring (LRC) - Community AMA - 21-04-2018 $EVENTS $XVG $XRP $ADA $BTC $ET…    twitter.com
5h #Loopring team has received notice, 5 cryptocurrency exchanges will open deposit and withdraw of #LRN (Loopring NEO…    twitter.com
5h Don't MISS #Loopring Founder Daniel FIRST VIDEO #AMA on discord community on Apr 21. 3PM EST. @cryptexgroup…    twitter.com
7h What is up with "loopring.io" wallet?    reddit.com
12h Loopring token might be compromised because of a vulnerability in the contract code.    reddit.com
1d 2h Loopring CEO Daniel Wang Featured on Forbes    reddit.com
1d 6h Upsurge in price    reddit.com
1d 19h Loopring + Alibaba: Cutting-Edge Blockchain Tech Meets the World’s Largest E-Commerce Company    reddit.com
2d 9h RT @daniel_loopring: I’m proud to be a founding member of Google Blockchain Alliance #Google #Blockchain #Loopring    twitter.com
2d 12h Together, Stronger. @daniel_loopring @HittersXu @andytian @loopringorg @nebulasio @gifto_io    twitter.com
2d 13h Fake Loopring Telegram Group?    reddit.com
2d 14h #Loopring was featured by @techreview “Chinese entrepreneurs have some creative responses to the government’s crack…    twitter.com
2d 16h LRN Token Airdrop Calculator    reddit.com
2d 20h What happened to decentralisation? Loopring founder Daniel Wang weighs in    reddit.com
2d 21h Come and join the #loopring meetup at MIT. Now!    twitter.com
3d 6h Be aware of fake official twitter accounts like this.    twitter.com
3d 6h "Loopring + Alibaba: Cutting-Edge Blockchain Tech Meets the World's Largest E-Commerce Company":…    twitter.com
3d 8h #Loopring China Tour is coming to #Nanning #Fuzhou #Xiamen #Shenyang Join our Chinese #telegram:…    twitter.com
3d 16h If you are in Boston, meet our founder Daniel WANG on the #MIT campus. #LOOPRING #meetup #blockchain $LRC    twitter.com
3d 22h My week on Twitter     twitter.com
4d 1h "What happened to decentralization? Loopring founder Daniel Wang weighs in" - #LOOPRING…    twitter.com
4d 2h Apr 16 2018 Crypto Market Report - Contains Loopring    reddit.com
4d 9h Our biggest fans this week: @CRYPTO4business, @DedeCoin, @CalBlockchain. Thank you! via    twitter.com
4d 14h A new Blockchain community for ex-Googlers, formed by Loopring, Nebulas and Gifto founders    reddit.com
4d 15h Loopring featured in new article: "Loopring: Open Protocol For Building Decentralized Exchanges"    reddit.com
4d 19h Voting for LRC to get LRC online on YEX exchange of Singapore    reddit.com
5d 5h Weekly Discussion & Important Links/Threads - April 16, 2018    reddit.com
5d 13h Loopring Joins Cryptocurrency Bandwagon    reddit.com