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NavCoin Latest News:

11h Daily Discussion and Price Thread – Friday, May 25
17h Another PLACE in ITALY where you can Spend your NAV. This time is a FAST FOOD in Matera. Look and Retweet. Thank.
22h Setting up a staking pool?
23h Staking 3% and 1% into a Pool !
1d 2h Main Street Capital's NAV, Valuation, And Dividend Compared To 13 BDC Peers (Post Q1 2018 Earnings) - Part 1
1d 3h Now its even easier to contribute to the NavCoin website. The refreshed site is specificall…
1d 11h Daily Discussion and Price Thread – Thursday, May 24
1d 17h When NAV be adopted for masses, We will be able to use the community fund for good causes!
1d 17h If you want to learn more about the upcoming NavCoin soft fork, there's a great opportunity to get informed and inv…
1d 21h NavPi crashes after certain Block numbers
1d 22h Proposal for Valence Distribution, Sign if you agree with wallet.
2d 42min Unknown, Profitable, Oil-Weighted Energy Producer At Deep Discount To NAV And Peers
2d 4h Community Fund Phase One Preview and Refresh
2d 5h Community News: Community Fund Phase One Preview and Refresh
2d 9h Update NavPi
2d 9h The Dumbed Down Version - State of the Union
2d 11h Daily Discussion and Price Thread – Wednesday, May 23
2d 17h The first stage of the NavCoin Community Fund is nearly ready. The NavCoin Core 4.2.0 release candidate is now avai…
2d 23h How to transfer wallet
3d 42min Mature coins
3d 5h NavPi 1 - boot issues, any help?
3d 11h NavCoin Core 4.2.0 Release Candidate
3d 11h Daily Discussion and Price Thread – Tuesday, May 22
3d 11h NavCoin marketing write-up
3d 12h has been refreshed and is now a statically generated site. That means anyone can contribute…
3d 13h NavCoin 4.2.0 Release Candidate now available for review #Blockchain #NavCoin #ProofOfStake…
3d 17h A great place to get familiar with the NavCoin protocol is the self-documented code in GitHub. Plus you'll see the…
3d 23h Mertiva: Strong Insider Buying At A Discount To NAV
4d 42min Community fund - promo - CryptoL
4d 3h There's a lot more to NavCoin Merchandise than t-shirts and hoodies. Keep a look out for limited edition collection…