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OmiseGo Latest News:

7h Release the plasma
7h JUNΞ: My strategy blog release countdown has been started. Next 24 hours :)
10h Tonight we're hosting OMG Hack Night & @davidlknott is teaching us how to code smart contracts!
1d 54min Daily Discussion - April 20, 2018
1d 3h GiveDirectly: Send money directly to the extreme poor (Accepting OMG)
1d 8h Why do these yield a different result for token holders?
1d 9h I missed out on some news so please help me. What is cosmos, are all OMG holders getting Cosmos, how much and when?
1d 10h 3 Cryptocurrencies That Stood Strong Against The Bears
2d 8min My custom OMG cap for this summer!
2d 54min Daily Discussion - April 19, 2018
2d 5h Keep up the great work @ethstatus!
2d 6h OMISEGO on Cryptopiece
2d 6h What is the value proposition for OmiseGo to non-crypto users?
2d 7h OmiseGo In New Crypto Listings on Exchanges
2d 8h Lists OmiseGo (OMG)
2d 10h OMG and CLS / Forex
2d 12h This May we're heading to North America for EDCON by @LinkTimeTech & New York Blockchain Week. It's not too late to…
2d 13h Can someone please explain the hard fork, hard spoon or whatever is happening to OMG to me?
2d 14h OmiseGo (OMG) Just Made a Big Move in the Financial Space
2d 15h Exodus wallet for hard Spoon
3d 54min Daily Discussion - April 18, 2018
3d 3h A shout-out to Coinone for not just giving the community in Korea another way to get OMG, but especially for distributing the OMG airdrop they received last year to their users! (Block#3988888, Snapshot: 2017.7.8 01:36:56 KST) Well played!
3d 3h A shout-out to @coinone_info for not just giving the community in Korea another way to get $OMG, but especially for…
3d 4h Thomas Greco at Bangkok Fintech Fair 2018
3d 5h We put together an introductory guide to OMG but would welcome any suggestions from the community that knows it best!
3d 9h BKK FinTech Fair 2018 : Panel Discussion 4 Next Generation Retail Payments
3d 14h Coinbase CEO tweets insight into's acquisition, possibly hinting at favorable tokens. Here's what I think will be added.
3d 14h Regarding the spooned Cosmos tokens
3d 18h Jun Hasegawa's OmiseGo presentation slides at APEC Business Advisory Council meeting
3d 19h It's an honor to be a part of the discussions with @APEC. We're strategizing on how a regional sandbox for regulato…