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Power Ledger Latest News:

7h Is there any plans to have a direct fiat/powr exchange?    reddit.com
8h [ANN] POWR has been listed on the Decentralized Exchange - CoinChangeX    reddit.com
14h RT @msjemmagreen: Searching Unicorns! @PowerLedger_io is hiring senior blockchain programmers - Blockchain Developer     twitter.com
1d 1h Power Ledger's @jamesbychance and James Giblin from Synergy discussing blockchain at @EnergyStorageAU     twitter.com
1d 1h Power Ledger's James Eggleston and James Giblin from Synergy discussing blockchain at the Australian Energy Storage Conference in Adelaide    reddit.com
1d 3h "[email protected] and @msjemmagreen realized they were looking at two sides of the same problem" via @CNET…    twitter.com
1d 5h Hedge the price of POWR, without dealing with the fees/security concerns of moving coins to and from exchanges    reddit.com
1d 8h RT @CNETAustralia: #Blockchain is startup @PowerLedger_io's answer to keep people using green energy     twitter.com
1d 12h Future of Humanity Podcast: Dave Martin discusses what the everyday consumer can do to speed up the distribution of energy, the risk of rising cost of electricity and more.    reddit.com
1d 13h MD @DavdMartn caught up with @CarlTaylorAU on the Future of Humanity podcast. @PodcastFuture Listen here:…    twitter.com
1d 21h Forget bitcoin. Blockchain could help us earn a different kind of digital currency -- with solar energy.    reddit.com
3d 7h Any significant milestone coming in the roadmap in 2018?    reddit.com
4d 41min It’s Power Ledger’s 2nd Birthday    reddit.com
4d 1h Happy birthday to us.     twitter.com
4d 9h Weekly Discussion: 21st May - 27th May, 2018    reddit.com
6d 19h Doubt about consensus    reddit.com
7d 5h Why BlockChain ?    reddit.com
7d 9h MetaMask + Faast: The Easiest Way to Diversify Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio • r/ethtrader    reddit.com
7d 16h POWR usage stats absolutely BLEW UP yesterday!    reddit.com
8d 6h Our monthly AMA is live now, come ask us anything!    twitter.com
8d 7h Next Live Power Ledger Team Q&A Session Kicking Off In Two Hours On Facebook    reddit.com
8d 8h Our next live Q&A session is kicking off in two hours. Head over to our Facebook page and ask @msjemmagreen,…    twitter.com
8d 10h Here's how Power Ledger compares to the top 10 coins    reddit.com
8d 15h Can anyone confirm what the first germination asset will be and what month it will be launched in?    reddit.com
8d 23h Power Ledger Grows 10% on Bear Market After Bithumb Listing    reddit.com
9d 2h Some images from day one of the @EnergyDisruptor conference where Power Ledger's @DavdMartn is presenting. #EDU2018    twitter.com
9d 3h "We’re not trying to change the laws of physics. What we’re saying is there’s no reason other than antiquated techn…    twitter.com
9d 6h Bithumb confirmed: POWR listing    reddit.com
9d 7h POWR has been listed on Bithumb    reddit.com
9d 7h POWR on Bithumb!    reddit.com