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Request Network Latest News:

4h Daily Price Discussion Thread - May 25, 2018
16h Asiff Hirji: "Our hope would be that most of the tokens already trading on Paradex we will be able to offer in the US in a compliant matter."
1d 3h [ANN] REQ has been listed on the Decentralized Exchange - CoinChangeX
1d 4h Daily Price Discussion Thread - May 24, 2018
1d 13h REQ is one of the 11 coins listed on Paradex! This means REQ could be available for the US customer base in the coming weeks!
1d 13h So guys do we fit the Coinbase cryteria to be added on their exchanges?
1d 15h Coinbase acquires cryptocurrency trading platform Paradex. Request is available on Paradex
1d 18h Grants in the Cryptocurrency Space, Request got a mention.
2d 4h Daily Price Discussion Thread - May 23, 2018
2d 5h Recent Token Burn
2d 11h Salesforce Commerce Cloud Plugin
2d 16h 2 new Request Dapps uncovered!
2d 19h REQ shout out in "Welcome To Ethtrader"
2d 21h Expanding the team at Request Network Foundation
3d 48min What are the reasons behind the increase in circulating supply?
3d 4h Daily Price Discussion Thread - May 22, 2018
3d 4h Weekly Request Network Discussion + FAQ - May 22, 2018
3d 8h Req Token Burn
3d 10h Why would a website or service use Request to be paid with as opposed to an API interface straight from Khyber or Airswap?
3d 21h A better idea than a billboard
4d 4h Daily Price Discussion Thread - May 21, 2018
4d 19h Question about REQ and audit
5d 48min Only RequestNetwork can save Bunny Natalia!
5d 4h Daily Price Discussion Thread - May 20, 2018
5d 12h REQ for payrolls?
5d 18h Are we still going to see a staking model in this quarter or are we waiting for plasma to be finalised.
5d 19h "PwC - RequestNetwork: We have developed together use cases bridging the gap between the historical business world and the distributed world of blockchain."
5d 19h Request Network Billboard - Just an Idea
5d 21h Great idea! Keep up the good work!
6d 4h Daily Price Discussion Thread - May 19, 2018