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Stratis Latest News:

10h RT @CsharpCorner: Get access to the #BlockchainDelhi18 images and download your favorite ones from #GoogleDrive. cc…
1d 10h RT @mcbeniwal: Busy @stratisplatform booth Day 2 of @Blockchain_Expo #blockchain
1d 14h RT @bokobza: @codingupastorm talking about #SmartContracts on @stratisplatform to a riveted audience
2d 8h Presentation by Jordan Andrews, Stratis's lead Smart Contract developer @ Blockchain Expo London (April 18th)
2d 8h RT @mcbeniwal: A busy @stratisplatform booth at #london_blockchain @chrisblockchain @CryptoKrushang
2d 13h Day 1 @Blockchain_Expo in London. Booth 118 at the entrance. You won’t miss us. #blockchain #expo #stratis #dotnet…
2d 14h [Expo] London Blockchain Expo Thread
2d 15h [How To]Full Node (Beta) + GUI + Staking on Raspberry PI 3
2d 15h [Expo] Meet The Stratis Team at Booth 118
2d 18h Anyone watching 25k sell wall at binance... fcukin epic to break that... i know it is nothing... its been a while watching larger walls
3d 43min Learn about our blockchain platform. We are attending the @Blockchain_Expo in London, Tomorrow and Thursday . Booth…
3d 3h "A new approach to smart contracts" presented by Stratis' @codingupastorm at @Blockchain_Expo tomorrow at 11:20am f…
3d 3h RT @dangershony: The first union of the @stratisplatform Smart Contracts team @fassadlr @codingupastorm @rowandehaas
3d 6h How many transaction per second Stratis can handle?
3d 7h Stratis team and community lunch before the blockchain expo in London Olympia tomorrow. Come visit us at booth 118…
3d 7h Is Stratis a Plattform or a Protocol?
3d 8h I think this is good news ;-)
4d 5h Two Concerns
4d 16h [r/StratisPlatform Weekly Discussion] April 16th - April 22nd
4d 17h Short and simple Stratis review, might be helpful for newcomers
4d 19h STRATIS Smart Contracts Update From Project Lead @codingupastorm
5d 2h [Tweet] Just arrived in London!
6d 7h [Conference] C# Corner Annual Conference 2018 Thread (Day 2)
6d 16h RT @CryptoKrushang: Anyone interested in understanding blockchain programming in C# please read by @NicolasDorier @…
7d 7h Upcoming Event: C# Corner Annual Conference in Delhi, India - April 13, 2018
7d 12h [Conference] C# Corner Annual Conference 2018 Thread (Day 1)
7d 14h Dan Gershony back on stage @CsharpCorner talking about blockchain for developers #blockchain #dotnet $STRAT
7d 15h Stratis Presents @CsharpCorner in Delhi #blockchain #dotnet #developers #CsharpCon18 $STRAT
8d 5h The Unofficial Weekly Stratis Retrospect #20 - by Khilone
8d 10h Panel discussion @BlockchainDelhi with @chrisblockchain @mcbeniwal #blockchain #dotnet #conference $STRAT