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VertCoin Latest News:

48min First post for Vertcoin
1h Problems with Exodus?
9h Our rewards points system is live! Earn free VTC by earning GamePoints playing exclusive games! No limit and instant conversion to Vertcoin!
15h Daily General/Price Discussion (FAQ) - April 20, 2018
17h Prices, Charts, Important Links, Calculator and more for Vertcoin and other 1300+ cryptos at :) Every suggestion is welcome :)
17h Benchmark the 1060 6gb on lyra and mention my favorite lyra coin . . VTC!
21h Vertcoin back to $10 this month?
22h Daily Vertcoin Update (4/19/18) + Technical Analysis
1d 2h Tell me about your coin!
1d 4h DIY litbox work in progress
1d 11h Vote for Vertcoin to be added on Payfair!
1d 14h Vertcoin Reddit page
1d 15h Daily General/Price Discussion (FAQ) - April 19, 2018
1d 20h How much is a bag?
2d 35min Try to get listed on COSS (They may possibly waive listing fees)
2d 2h Accepting Vertcoin in shopify
2d 2h Daily Vertcoin Update (4/18/18) + Technical Analysis
2d 5h Is it worth mining VTC or is it better to mine alt coins and exchange?
2d 6h #Vertcoin Talk: Episode 3 will be live Saturday @ 9am EDT. @Canen01 will be talking about Merchant Adoption and Ne…
2d 6h The low price isn't a bad thing for everyone.
2d 6h Anybody here using Ian Coleman's BIP-39 Mnemonic Code Converter or Coinomi's recovery phrase tool?
2d 7h After UbBit something new coming up in Korea might be interesting (hardware wallet)
2d 7h Vertcoin is our coin so we should also contribute to this community
2d 14h Thinking out loud. Partnership thoughts.
2d 15h Daily General/Price Discussion (FAQ) - April 18, 2018
2d 16h If you need a little bit motivation
2d 19h For everyone that's frustrated
2d 22h Daily Vertcoin Update (4/17/18) + Technical Analysis
2d 22h Anyone know where to find the Litwallet source code?
2d 22h GRS overtook VTC