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Coin Magi Latest News:

39min Bittrex Wallet up and running, smooth sailing ahead.
4h #Magi #XMG currency of the future updated & back online on @BittrexExchange @earl30001 @ex33s @AlojzJakob…
2d 20h This is the first pool where I've made more than solo mining...
3d 1h FEE 0%
4d 16h Solo mining on a dozen machines - how do I confirm it's all working from the wallet machine?
5d 10h Best place to sell Magi?
6d 39min 200kh/s Per User or Less 0% FEE Pool for Testing
7d 7h RT @CoinMagi: New wallet v1.4.6.2 released #MAGI #XMG @Coin_Magi_XMG
8d 16h My XMG Solo mission
8d 21h New wallet released / hard fork on block 1825101
8d 22h New wallet is released...
9d 4h #Magi #XMG released updates???? More info here: @BitcoinGarden @ex33s @CoinMagi @earl30001…
9d 5h Luckypool Crazy returns, what is happening?
9d 16h No Open Source Stratum Supporting m7m?
9d 19h How do I tell if I'm on the right chain?
10d 19min Algos
10d 19min Coursera Course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
11d 15h Another Split? Oy Vei.
12d 14h Where did my XMG go?
13d 16h Solo Mining Remotely (Is this Right?)
13d 17h I started a new subreddit for SBC miners like myself.
14d 14h Wallet block update
14d 16h Team #Magi #XMG is working very hard on new improvements and developments. More info will follow! @BitcoinGarden…
16d 14h fork? minerclaim vs xmgpool
18d 1h Why is my balance 0
18d 15h any way to contact minerclaim?
18d 16h Current State of Mining Pools Thread
18d 19h RT @earl30001: #XMG/#Magi Issue-Fix is here to be tested come on and help (@CoinMagi / @Coin_Magi_XMG ) testing. details here
19d 8h low hash
19d 16h Oh I See, It's Only Open in the Evenings