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Monero Latest News:

2h [FYI] DefCon 26 Workgroup Meeting: 21 April 2018 15:00 UTC
3h OpenBSD templates with complete firewall and Tor configurations
3h My name is Theo Chino and I have been suing the New York Department of Finance of the Bitlicence since 2015.
4h 'Dont buy Monero' .SVGs
4h Should account level addresses be restricted from receiving payments?
4h Money received in wallet and transaction gone 1 hour later
6h Low effort but these chips are awsome
6h Ring Signatures & Randomness
7h You're not worthy of my money anyway
7h sent to myself, seeing the outgoing transaction but didn't get the money
8h How to have Monero in encypted container
8h Blockchain Sync stuck
9h Advice please - updated late, transaction not showing, some solutions tried already.
10h Am I the only one who can’t connect to nodes with the Cake Wallet App?
10h [Seeks Funding] More GUI coding by dsc
10h Help! moneruju wallet node issue
11h /r/Monero Daily Discussion – April 20, 2018 - Use this thread for basic questions and if you're new to Monero
12h Monero in the bathroom
12h Help us translating Monerujo, the Monero wallet for android
15h Mining Game - Alternatives CoinImp - API Question
16h compiling xmr-stak not going well
19h new wallet doesnt show balance.
21h Why did the design of subaddresses deliberately allow senders to disciminate against them?
22h How to set restore height with 0.12 cli?
22h Andreas Antonopoulos talks again about Monero
23h FREEWALLET.ORG Stole my money.
23h Cake Wallet - UPDATE! Version 2.1.3
1d 1min How to detect if your server is compromised with a cryptocurrency (Monero) miner?
1d 42min Making the jump from [4...] addresses to [5+...]
1d 1h Monero 12.0 freezing locking up