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ZenCash Latest News:

22min The party is not over yet! ZenCash has just been listed on #Binance, and we are giving away 10K $ZEN to our fans ar…    twitter.com
22min ZEN competition starting 26/05/18 - don't miss out!     twitter.com
1h Update on smart contracts, are they coming with supernodes, and what programing language/s etc    reddit.com
7h Sent zen to cryptopia while their wallets were frozen    reddit.com
18h #zencash is dedicated to exploring solutions to real-world issues such as trustworthy governance. We are pleased th…    twitter.com
19h We sincerely hope that by this time tomorrow, we'll all be freed from these #GDPR messages. But before then, please…    twitter.com
23h Great question: what is #freedom without #privacy? Thanks for featuring #zencash on your top 12 #privacycoins…    twitter.com
1d 1h Importance of changing the algorithm and remaining ASIC resistant    reddit.com
1d 7h 24 hr trading volume broke $64 million USD, the highest ever for ZEN    reddit.com
1d 13h Zhash pro miner stats not showing up    reddit.com
1d 14h ZenCash now tradable on Asian exchange Binance    cryptoninjas.net
1d 16h Extended Transaction Confirmations - We are addressing an improvement!    reddit.com
1d 16h We appreciate your patience as we work through improving the current extended network transaction confirmations. We…    twitter.com
1d 17h Stuck transaction for 16 hours    reddit.com
1d 17h Zen supports startup societies working toward variations in governance, transparency, and choice. #varyon #zencash…    twitter.com
1d 19h Huge difference in binance and coss price    reddit.com
1d 20h #ICYMI: ZenCash is NOW available on @binance! #binance #zencash    twitter.com
2d 32min Zencash $100 soon!    reddit.com
2d 44min Delayed Binance Listing Quickly Spoils the ZenCash Price Pump    themerkle.com
2d 4h Binance Postpones Listing of ZenCash Following Pump and Dump    newsbtc.com
2d 4h Goooood Morning ZenCash!    reddit.com
2d 6h oKex has delayed Withdrawals    reddit.com
2d 8h Have Zen Deposits to Binance worked for anyone?    reddit.com
2d 8h Who is the CEO of Zencash?    reddit.com
2d 8h Bittrex withdrawal not confirming    reddit.com
2d 8h Exciting news! We're looking forward to trading opening at 2018/05/23 05:30 AM (UTC) @binance #zencash $ZEN…    twitter.com
2d 9h ZENCASH ON BINANCE!! FINALLY!!    reddit.com
2d 9h ???? ZenCash is now listed on #Binance! Open trading for ZEN/BNB, ZEN/BTC and ZEN/ETH trading pairs at 2018/05/23 05:3…    twitter.com
2d 16h [email protected] and [email protected] are both passionate about #seasteading and societal innovation. Watch their chat…    twitter.com
2d 18h [email protected] interviews [email protected] about the "ability for owners to control their user data and financial tr…    twitter.com