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My main research interests include Bayesian inference, models A Eric PDF decision making, and philosophy of science. Alexandra Sarafoglou, Quentin Gronau, and Johnny van Doorn.

Current postdocs: Julia Haaf, Nathan Evans, Max Hinne, and Alexander Ly. After being identified as a suspect three days after the shooting, Frein was the target of an extensive manhunt before being captured on the night of October 30, 2014, at an abandoned airport 48 days after the attack. Eric Matthew Frein was born on May 3, 1983, in New Jersey. At Pocono Mountain High School in Pennsylvania, he was often a top scorer on his school’s rifle team. He attended East Stroudsburg University for one semester.

In 2004, Frein was charged with burglary and grand larceny after he was accused of stealing items from vendors at a World War II reenactment in Odessa, New York. He failed to attend his trial and was arrested in Pennsylvania as a fugitive from justice. In 2008, Frein founded Istocni Vuk or « Eastern Wolf », whose Myspace page pictured Frein engaged in recreational military simulations dressed in an Army of Republika Srpska uniform. Frein’s reenactment landed him several employments in the film industry. He played a non-speaking role in Lustig, a 16-minute anti-Nazi film where he portrayed a German soldier at Auschwitz. In July 2014, Frein told Hornbaker, friends, and parents that he was moving to Delaware to work at a chemical company.

Police speculate that he might have taken this time to make the preparations that later would allow him to survive and evade capture. At the time when Dickson and Douglass were shot, Frein was living with his parents at their home in Canadensis in Barrett Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Canadensis, Pennsylvania, where his parents live. On October 1, following discovery of two pipe bombs, all hunting and trapping on public or private land and all access to state gameland was forbidden in the shaded areas. The blue-shaded area was reopened on October 10. The police manhunt grew from nearly 200 officers by September 17 to 400 officers by September 22 to nearly 1,000 on September 24. Police believed they saw Frein several times during the manhunt, but each time were unable to approach directly due to the rugged terrain of the area, which allowed Frein to slip away.

They believed Frein was taunting them, and Lt. Colonel George Bivens told reporters, « I almost think this is a game to him. Local resident James Tully, who bears some resemblance to Frein and who walks to work in the area, says he was stopped more than 20 times by officers searching for Frein. He claims one officer pointed a rifle at him and forced him to the ground, leaving him with bruised ribs and in fear that he would be shot.

ENE of Tannersville, on October 30, 2014, 48 days after the shooting. Although he did not resist arrest, he suffered a cut to the bridge of his nose, as well as a scrape over his left eye and bruises to his cheeks and eyes. Symbolically, Frein was restrained after the arrest using the handcuffs of deceased officer Bryan Dickson and taken to the barracks where the attack occurred in the back seat of Dickson’s car. The day after his capture, he was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder in the shooting that killed Dickson and wounded Douglass. Before Frein was tried, a Pike County judge had to determine if information about a State Police internal affairs investigation involving witnesses could be released to Frein’s attorneys. In June 2016, it was determined that Frein’s trial would be heard by an imported jury from Chester County due to the extensive pretrial publicity in Pike County. This would be the first time that a Pike County case would be heard by a jury impaneled from another county since the 1980s.

Also in June 2016, Pike County Judge Gregory Chelak denied a motion made by Frein’s attorneys to bar prosecutors from seeking the death penalty in the case. Chelak rejected Frein’s claim that the death penalty was unconstitutional. In September 2017, Trooper Bryan Dickson’s widow, Tiffany Dickson, filed a lawsuit against Frein’s parents alleging they missed warning signs about their son’s behavior and influenced him with their constitutionalist political views. On April 19, 2017, Frein was found guilty on all charges and on April 26, the jury recommended the death penalty. The following day, Frein was formally sentenced to death by lethal injection. Bounty hunters not joining Eric Frein manhunt in Pa.