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๐Ÿ“™ Acres of Diamonds: The Classic Work on Finding Your Fortune Where You Least Expect It by Russell H. Conwell, narrator Mitch Horowitz


Are You Ready for the Secret to Attaining Wealth? It Is Right In Front of You.... Do you dream of a life of riches, prosperity, and purpose? Well, stop dreaming - the answers are not in some fantasy or far-off place. They are directly under your nose. Minister and Temple University founder Russell H. Conwell became famous for his motivational and self-improvement lecture "Acres of Diamonds", which he delivered around the nation more than 5,152 times before his death in 1925. In this empowering, concise statement, Conwell shows you: Why wealth is in your own backyard The one habit of hugely successful people Why simplicity is your key to greatness Why you have a right and an obligation to be rich. Abridged and introduced by PEN Award-winning historian Mitch Horowitz, here is an audio presentation that you will never forget. "Acres of Diamonds" can alter the nature and direction of your life and fortunes. The Condensed Classics Library "40 Minutes to a New You". Public Domain (P)2016 Gildan Media LLC

About book:



"Spiritually Enterprising!"

Discovers the balance between....... your faith and your work.Mitch Horowitz narrates with power imagery and purpose. . .

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