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đź“™ Bible Study for Beginners: How to Memorize the 25 Prayers That Every Christian Needs to Know by Julia Bristol, narrator Jonathan Smith


Have a Powerful Relationship with God, Through the Power of Prayer Many Christians easily take prayer for granted. With the busyness of life, we often have time to do trivial things, but don't have enough time to talk to God. We're wired to focus our prayers on what we need and want, and not on God, the only one we should need and want. We don't take the time to develop a relationship with God; instead, we use unanswered prayers as a reason to break off the relationship with him. We may be living in modern times, but we're not any better than the Israelites during Moses time. We still choose to ignore how much God loves us. Prayer is considered to be one of the most important facets of any Christian's life. It doesn't just help foster a closer relationship with the Creator, but it also signifies dependence and obedience to the one true living God. While most Christians see prayer as a means to ask for blessings from God, prayer, according to the New Testament, is more than just a series of spoken or unspoken words. It is a command from God. If you've always wanted to develop your prayer life, this book will teach you everything you need to know about prayer. From what prayer can teach us about God, to effective memorization techniques, this book has all the basics covered. Here is a preview of what you will learn: Prayer and God: What prayer can tell us about the God we worship Prayer and you: How prayer can change you and your life God really answer prayers: how God answers prayers in his perfect will and timing Different types of prayers: what prayers touch and move god's heart The 25 Christian prayers: prayers for strength, weakness, surrender, and joy. Prayers to pray, any time, anywhere Memorization techniques for the Bible and so much more! ©2015 Wailea Publishing Ltd. (P)2015 Wailea Publishing Ltd.

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"misleading title"

He read 25 prayers, but he didn't tell you how to memorize them. Totally misleading and disappointing!

"Love the prayers"

The narrator needs to pronounce words more clearly towards the end of a sentence. the words are a little hard to understand and more rushed at end of sentence. maybe talk at a consistent uniform speed would be better.

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