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📙 Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome: Attraction to the Most Dangerous Narcissists: Transcend Mediocrity, Book 124 by J.B. Snow, narrator Faris Monshi


Many of my readers and listeners email me because they need help and advice in their relationships with narcissists. They are either looking to get away from narcissists' abuse or to outsmart them. Some of them are even looking for ways to remain in the relationships as the narcissists' primary supplies. They are aware of the triangulation, compartmentalization, gaslighting, and manipulation tactics of their narcissists, but they are willing to put up with these in order to maintain relationships with them. People who are with narcissists can have either very emotionally damaging relationships with them, or they can find ways to have healthy relationships with them. The narcissist is very immature emotionally, and thus it is likely that he will never seek to grow or change himself. We may be able to teach narcissists some manners in their relations with others. This is the target of some of my books: teaching people how to better relate to narcissists and to fix many aspects of their relationships. There are many reasons that a person is likely to date a narcissist. She might have been the subject of narcissistic abuse by her mother or father, and thus the relationship with a narcissist feels familiar. She may have commitment issues that make her more comfortable about someone else who has commitment issues. She might have a masochistic personality, which allows her to take pleasure in the pain the narcissist provides for her in the relationship. She feels that she deserves his wrath and that she does not deserve a healthy individual in a relationship. This desire to be with a person who is harmful, fatal, or dangerous is an addiction in and of itself. It originates from either a deep hatred for oneself or an addiction to danger and excitement. This audiobook seeks to define the "Bonnie and Clyde syndrome" and to provide possible causes for it. ©2016 J.B. Snow (P)2016 J.B. Snow

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