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📙 Cold as Ice: Cold as Ice, Book 1 by Charles Sheffield, narrator Christine Rendel


Twenty-five years ago there was a great interplanetary war in the Solar System. It was a suicidal spasm in which terrible weapons were created and used; in which nine billion people were killed. The rivalries that led to the war are not gone. And a few of those deadly weapons remain - some still orbiting the sun in the debris of destroyed ships, some deliberately placed in storage. Now Cyrus Mobarak, the man who perfected the fusion engine, is determined to bring human settlement to the protected seas of Europa. Opposing him is Hilda Brandt, Europa's administrator. And caught between them are three remarkable young people: Jon Perry, Camille Hamilton, and Wilsa Sheer. ©1992 Charles Sheffield (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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"Good book... Not the best narator in the universe"

As lothed as I am to be overly critical of a narators performance when reading the first in a new series. Not having had much to work with in regards to tone, character mind-set and all that jazz... I hate to say that Christine Rendel totally misses the mark with this first book in the 'Cold As Ice' series. When it was first released I bought it thinking that the wonderful Kate Reding was narating. This turnned out to be a misprint on the sites part and after listening to the first chapter I almost returned it due to the naration.The book itself is solid with a nice plot that doesn't overwelm the reader and characters that have lots of room to grow. (have to say I love Bat. Think morbidly obese version of Sheldon from Big Bang Theary and you've got an idea of what he is) But in order to get through the book I had to crank the app up to triple speed to deal with the labored naration.

"Pleasantly surprised!"

This is Hard SciFi at its best. Cold as Ice is the first of a tight well-written trilogy.I've read the Cold as Ice series and was happy to discover the reader did such a good job. I hope they finish the series with the same reader. Good job on a true SciFi classic.

"First-rate listen for a classic sci-fi title."

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"Frustrated Progress"

The setting of the story is pretty well-conceived, and there's lots of decent characters, but well...something just didn't click for me. The mystery should have left me hooked, but there didn't seem to be enough bread crumbs to keep me going. It took too long for the different subplots to come together and I didn't have much sense of the overall narrative thrust. Maybe it's a pacing problem or maybe it's an issue of structure, but after several hours of trying to like this book,, I had to throw in the towel.

"Fantastico il libro e anche l'audiobook"

Ho letto i libri della serie Cold As Ice tempo fa e mi ha fatto piacere a distanza di anni riascoltarli come audiobook. Interpretazione piacevole da parte di Christine Rendel

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