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📙 East to the Dawn: The Life of Amelia Earhart by Susan Butler, narrator Anna Fields


The image we have of Amelia Earhart today - a tousle-haired, androgynous flier clad in shirt, silk scarf, leather jacket, and goggles - is only one of her many personas, most of which have been lost to us through the years. Through years of research and interviews with many of the surviving people who knew Amelia, Susan Butler has recreated a remarkably vivid and multifaceted portrait of this enigmatic figure. Listeners will experience Amelia in all her permutations: not just as a pilot, but also as an educator, a social worker, a lecturer, a businesswoman, and a tireless promoter of women's rights. We experience a remarkably energetic and enterprising woman who battled incredible odds to achieve her fame, succeeded beyond her wildest dreams, and yet never lost sight of her beginnings, ensuring that her success would secure a path for women after her. ©1997 Susan Butler; (P)1998 Blackstone Audio Inc.

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"The Definitive Biography"

Much like "Hughes" was the definitive biography of Howard Hughes, "East to the Dawn" is for Amelia Earhart. Both books show all facets of these aviation pioneers. And both dive into the little details of not only the subjects but also of the environment in which they lived. The narration is lovely, and easy to follow. The only negative is that the genealogy of Ms. Earhart at the beginning is a little dry (though important for a definitive biography). It picks up tremendously once the book focuses on Amelia.

"Searching for the "who" of Amelia Earhart"

In many fictional or biographical accounts of this interesting and forward thinking woman the emphasis is usually placed on her last flight, where she went down and what happened to her. In this book by Susan Butler we get to see and understand the person behind the public persona: from her scandalous affairs to her Clothing line for Women and from her fierce loyalty to her casual betrayals of those close to her. What Ms. Butler portrays is a complex and even conflicted figure.The narrator does a substantial job of taking this book from text to audio. Even if you are not an Ameliaphile, this book is well worth the price.


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"I have fallen in love with Amelia"

Anna Fields does a very good job narrarating this book. I decided to read/listen to this because I myself am a pilot and had always admired AE. After seeing the recent movie starring Hillary Swank, I wanted to know more about this amazing woman. East to the Dawn is another classic example of "the book is much better than the movie." The big screen could never provide the detail that Susan Butler provides. From flying to helping her gender live up to their potential, she was passionate, smart, and effective in her pursuits. One of AE's famous quotes was "The most effective way to do it, is to do it." To me, this simply summarizes her way of life and what made her so special.

"Did not want it to end!!!"

Would you listen to East to the Dawn again? Why?

"Spoiler-proof History"

We all know what happened. So, no biography of Amelia Earhart can give us a surprise or a happy ending.That said, this was a most interesting listen. I'm not a history-of-flight addict and mostly wanted to hear an outstanding woman's story of life in a man's industry. I learned a lot about her and, incidentally, about flying. Earhart is presented here as a fully-dimensional person, with great strengths and pretty great faults too, at times.Perhaps because of my lack of fascination with flying itself, the book was somewhat too long for my taste. I stayed with it and, as I have said, learned a lot. Anyone who has a particular interest in the history of aviation may well treasure every word of this long biography. For the rest of us, it's a good look at an intriguing woman and at an exciting era in American history, but it's a bit too long.

"Knowing more about women and aviation"

This book was very informative, interesting about the life and limitation of Amelia Earhart. It doesn't try to make her more than she was, more or less perfect. It is fascinating in the advances of avionics at the time, and the roles women had to assume. The narration is fantastic, I sure do miss Anna Fields.

"I now know Amelia"

It's an interesting book in that I now know, presumably, Amelia as a person. Her entire life including every family member, friends and foes (actually, I do not think she had any enemies). It is rich with history regarding the beginnings of air flight when it was truly a daring feat. Anyone who is a fan of aeronautics will definitely enjoy this book. For me, it was a little more difficult to get through -- although it was worth the read to learn so much about that time and the types of people who became interested in flying virtual death traps. Even if you have seen the PBS special programs, regarding Amelia, this with take you to much greater heights! However, I have not finished the book yet -- I have a about 4 hours left out of a 19 hour book.

"a timeless life"

Amelia made some very surprising twists and turns in life to find herself a competitive flyer. This biography pays homage to her selflessness, zest for life, and adaptability to good times and bad. You will see yourself in her conflict between her desire for independence, and the struggle with rootlessness. A complete picture of Amelia as a full person, and a must read.

"Slow start, but fascinating."

Goes beyond the glamour to the real woman and her diverse and energetic activities and passions.

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