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📙 Escape from Sobibor by Richard Rashke, narrator Robert Blumenfeld


On October 14, 1943, 600 Jews imprisoned in Sobibor, a secret Nazi death camp in eastern Poland, revolted. They killed a dozen SS officers and guards, trampled the barbed wire fences, and raced across an open field filled with anti-tank mines. Against all odds, more than three hundred made it safely into the woods. Fifty of those men and women managed to survive the rest of the war. In this edition of Escape from Sobibor, fully updated in 2012, Richard Rashke tells their stories, based on his interviews with 18 of the survivors. It vividly describes the biggest prisoner escape of World War II. A story of unimaginable cruelty. A story of courage and a fierce desire to live and to tell the world what truly went on behind those barbed wire fences. ©1982, 1995 Richard Rashke (P)2014 Audible, Inc.

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"Rashke put a face to the good and the bad!"

Would you consider the audio edition of Escape from Sobibor to be better than the print version?

"Great book about an awful period in Jewish history"

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"Narration is distractingly bad"

I am ¼ of the way into this book, and my opinion is exactly the same as “Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account” by Miklós Nyiszli... except perhaps I am not as vehement regarding the narration. Although the same complaints apply, I’d give it 1.5 stars instead of just 1. Still, it’s not much better.Here is my review of that book:It’s hard to criticize the content of someone’s personal recollections of what they experienced in harrowing times. It's interesting, I'm interested. I think these things are important to learn about and remember. In some itsy bitsy way it’s giving meaning to their lives.The narration of this audiobook however was so poor that sadly it’s about all I am taking away from it. Monotone, staccato, no emotion, unvarying in pitch, no intonation, mechanical… such a shame; it ruined the book for me.

"Very graphic and accurate"

A really good historical account. This is by no means a novel from one perspective. Enjoyed the after story more, going over the authors journey with survivors to get their stories.

"I don't get the 5 star reviews..."

Listening to this book for me was plain old hard work, the narration was so distracting and painful that it was hard to concentrate on the story. The setting in a German extermination camp means of course the subject matter is difficult, but the long term group in Sobibor (artisans, gardeners... talented folks they kept alive) staged a rebellion killing German soldiers and allowing many inmates to escape. I was unfamiliar with this camp or the events which occurred there and enjoyed the additional points of view. I loved the Wikipedia article about Sobibor Concentration Camp and reading it helped me follow the book better.The author did many interviews with survivors and has recorded the history of the event... thank you for your hard work... however, it wasn't an easy listen in content, organization or narration and can't say I enjoyed it. This is not a "Schindler's List" or "Night" in the quality of writing. Just a part of history we shouldn't forget.

"They Fought Back and Won. Incredible Courage"

I watched the movie many years ago and naively thought " OK cool they have escaped now they are free" Wrong. The escape from the camp was just the start of the ordeal for the many who would break free. THis book has done an amazing job at showing how truly great the ordeal of the the holocaust survivors was. There was no run of to the forest and live happily ever after. Those that broke free and made it to the woods would still have to endure a constant fight for their lives for many many months. This book does a brilliant job at describing the many different stories of some of its survivors. I now have a much deeper appreciation for the range of difficulties faced by condemned people fleeing the notorious death camps for all of Europe was one very large prison. If the movie needed a sequel then this book is its equivalent. I titled this review as they fought back and one with reluctance. I didnt want to sound gimmicky on such a subject but the fact is that facing certain death, those that fought back and still lost their lives would still take a small victory with them. Incredible courage.


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"Amazing story of courage and pain"

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I can't believe no one has written a review for this yet.I love when different people with languages, countries, and classes come together.The Russians Jews had military expertise, and the Polish Jews had the knowledge of the camp and those in charge.It's the biggest Jewish escape of the war; 300!!!They don't sugarcoat anything, but you really are on the edge of your seat hoping they all make it.It was funny that although the small group that was needed to pull this off was sworn to secrecy, most had to tell someone, or more than one someone.The first half is the camp, background of both sides and the day to day leading up to the escape and finally what happened.Part 2 takes it from some of the escapees' stories, meeting in the forest, and checking to see if their loved ones made it, to splitting up and surviving any way they could. I wanted to get this in right away, so I don't know how it ends. I still have 5 hours to go and can't wait to see what happens!

"You should probably read this before any other book on the Holocaust"

I saw escape from Sobibor in 1990 when the made for TV movie was shown in England. In the years since I have read many books dealing with the Holocaust. I first read Richard Raske's excellent book in graduate school. This audio version, with its updates, is a story which amidst all it's depictions of Cara, contains a singularly life reaffirming message.

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