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📙 Hunting Heartbreak by Marie Hampton, narrator Kelley Hazen


On the flashy Las Vegas strip, Kasumi Yoshida tracks down her marks – assassinating gamblers who pay their loans with their lives. Business becomes scarce when a past lover and fellow Yakuza member betrays the honor system and rescues Kasumi's future clients. Her boss insists she works with Ryan, a hired gun, to find the cause, but Kasumi becomes distracted by his arrogant charm, and soon her adrenaline-filled world of death and motorcycle racing is muddied by her obsession with the past and her uncontrollable attraction to her partner. Kidnapping, torture, and betrayal allow the enemy to capture Kasumi, and she is forced to trust in friendship and love to free her from guilt so she can take her revenge. ©2013 Marie Hampton (P)2013 Marie Hampton

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"A fresh story"

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