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📙 Invasion: Book One of the Secret World Chronicle by Mercedes Lackey, narrator Nick Sullivan


The world had become used to the metahumans - people sometimes perfectly ordinary, but sometimes quite extraordinary in appearance - who mostly worked with their governments as high-powered peace officers, fighting crime, and sometimes fighting rogue metahumans who had become super-criminals. Then that comfortable world ended in just one terrifying day.Suddenly, all world governments were simultaneously attacked by soldiers in giant mecha robotic suits with the swastika symbol of the Third Reich on their metal arms. If these were Nazis, where had they been hiding since the end of World War II? And where had they gotten armor and weapons far in advance of anything on the planet? Weapons against which even the metahuman heroes seemed to be helpless… ©2011 Mercedes Lackey, Steve Libbey, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee (P)2011 Audible, Inc.

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"It's ...okay."

For the first FIVE hours, the book is a relentless wholesale blowout of 'FLASH' 'BANG' 'WHIZ' 'BOOM', with very little in plot progression. You merely get to meet the enemy, and watch them get relentlessly blown to smithereens. FOR. FIVE. HOURS. And you never get the enemy's POV, or any insidious dialogue. They really read as these flat lifeless targets, for the good guy mutants to squish in fancy ways.It introduces all the characters in that first round like members in a game show. You get their introduction, you learn their plight, and then you get to know them. It felt like I was being encouraged to form an emotional response for these characters before understanding them. The deliberately sparse revelations of the plot-line paired with the free-flowing interruptions of the character's personal emotional responses to said revelations was nerve-wracking. And the characters in this book aren't subtle mutations, we're talking blue people who heal with their brain, and fly. Extremely unlikely mutants, like the x-men. A lot of the cultural concerns addressed in this novel are outdated from the Cold War, and a lot of the national view points are portrayed terribly wrongly (the Germans ALL liking WWII? My gran said there were curfews, patrols, and then one of your neighbors would disappear. There wasn't a brochure for what was happening.) I honestly began the book thinking it was based in a 1930's alternate history, the level of information granted is so palsy, until a guy whipped out a cell phone. I had trouble identifying or liking any of the characters, except for the burn victim.


It’s always nice to find a new series to get excited about. I started this one with low expectations and was very pleasantly impressed. I thought 'super hero crap! Naww not for me'. But having given it a go a found that the superhero crap was actually quite believably done, add in magic, Nazis, crime lords, religion, communism, and you have such a mess that it just has to be either a complete disaster or some of the best fun I have had in ages. Now I am short on sleep and annoyed that the next book is not out.

"Too Corny for Me"

What would have made Invasion better?

"I did not warm to this book"

Baddies vs goodies, black hats vs white hats. Definitely no shades of grey in this book.Silly names Yankee Doodle, Red Saviour Belladonna Blue and an uninspiring story means I won't be buying the second book. Pity because I normally like Mercedes' books, maybe she just put her name to this one and the other authors did the writing? Too many cooks?

"Read a little clunkily, but the story is great"

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"Couldn't get me to "suspend my disbelief""

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"Delighted to see this as an audiobook!"

I've been following this project by these wonderful authors back when the first parts were originally online as a podcast. Hearing it again as an audiobook it's nice to be able to tell how where they have edited a bit, and the use of a singular narrator has streamlined and coalesced the multi-POV storyline (although I do have to admit I miss Veronica Giguere's voice, especially for certain characters).If you are only just hearing about this series (and don't mind a main story made up of many interconnected tales) I highly recommend it, especially this first book.

"I bought it on a whim for something different."

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"pretty cool!"

I listened to this before and wasn't as impressed as I was with a second listen. I am not sure why I was only meh about it the first time??? but round 2 was great!!!

"Lots of characters"

I had to start this book several times before I got into it. Lots of skipping around between characters made it hard to follow but when I finally did it was well worth the effort. Great story.

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