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📙 Kokopelli's Flute by Will Hobbs, narrator Johnny Heller


Young Tepary Jones leads a life of constant adventure. But he gets more excitement than even he can handle when he plays a flute he finds in an ancient ruin. Magic from the Distant Time changes him into a bushy-tailed woodrat and ensnares him in a world of danger and suspense. His parents don’t realize what’s happened to him - only his dog Dusty knows. With Dusty alone to protect him from nightly predators, Tepary must unravel the mystery behind the owner of the flute - Kokopelli himself. In Kokopelli’s Flute, award-winning author Will Hobbs has created a unique and richly imagined world celebrating the timeless magic of nature and the lessons it teaches. Johnny Heller’s entrancing narration continues a tradition of excellence started in A Christmas Sonata and The Hostage. ©1995 Will Hobbs (P)1996 Recorded Books

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