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📙 Poppy by Avi, narrator John McDonough


In Dimwood Forest, all the mice know that moving beyond Grey House requires the permission of the great horned owl, Mr. Ocax. No one but Mr. Ocax can guarantee protection against the horrible porcupines who lurk in the forest, waiting to grab innocent creatures. He frequently reminds the trusting mice of his importance, as he snatches careless ones for his frequent meals. But Poppy is a curious mouse, and a little foolish. When she is caught dancing in the moonlight on Bannock Hill, she soon faces not only the great owl, but a huge porcupine, and an impossible challenge. Poppy, an ALA Notable Children's Book, is a warm and lively tale for young listeners and their parents. Through the award-winning talents of the master storyteller Avi, the tiny creature's far-ranging adventure provides a hearty lesson about bullies and celebrates the strength of a courageous spirit. ©1995 Avi (P)1998 Recorded Books

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"This is terrible"

The way the narrator talks is terrible. But the book is fine. Good job Avi

"Just wonderful!"

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