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📙 The Guilty, by David Baldacci: Unofficial & Independent Summary & Analysis by Leopard Books, narrator Theresa Stephens


The Guilty by David Baldacci | A 15-Minute Summary and Analysis Preview: The Guilty, the fourth book in the Will Robie series, brings Will Robie's troubling past into focus as a murder mystery unfolds. Taking a look at the book, it is evident that there are thoughts and emotions that the seemingly cold main character of the series carries with him. In this book summary and analysis, we will be looking at how a glimpse into Will Robie's sordid past shows a completely different picture of a man who was thought to be more of a machine than a man. Please note: This is a summary and analysis of the book, not the original book. This companion includes the following: Book overview Main and secondary character list Summary of the chapters Discussion questions for book clubs Discussion and analysis of themes and symbols This analysis fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your book experience. ©2015 Leopard Books (P)2016 Leopard Books

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"This was a very disappointing book."

I was not expecting to just be told about the novel. This I s just a very long and tiresome outline of the novel.

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