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📙 Zombie, Illinois: A Novel by Scott Kenemore, narrator Pat Young


The sequel to the best-selling Zombie, Ohio, this explosive supernatural thriller from Scott Kenemore tells the story of three Chicagoans who have been thrown together by a bizarre, interconnected series of events during the first 24 hours of a zombie outbreak in the Midwest's largest city. A partnership is crafted between a pastor from Chicago's rough South Side, an intrepid newspaper reporter, and a young female musician, all of whom are fighting for survival as they struggle to protect themselves and their communities in a city overrun with the walking dead. Between the barricaded neighborhoods and violent zombie hunters, the trio encounters many mysterious occurrences that leave them shaken and disturbed. When the mayor of Chicago is eaten by zombies on live television, and a group of shady aldermen attempt to seize power in the vacuum, these unlikely friends realize that they have stumbled upon a conspiracy to overthrow the city...and that they alone may be qualified to combine their talents to stop it. Zombie, Illinois will delight devoted zombie fans and put readers in mind of some of the best recent works of supernatural horror. You will be left shocked, horrified, and craving brains! This audiobook will grab you from the first page and not let go until the riveting finale. ©2012 Scott Kenemore (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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"History book on Chicago"

I learned more about Chicago than I wanted to know . There where a few "zombie battles" but in the end I regretted buying the book.

"Falls short of what I expect from Scott Kenemore"

My first Scott Kenemore audiobook was Zombie Ohio and I was instantly hooked! The storyline had me, the performance was superb, so imagine my delight when I discovered there was a series! Unfortunately, this book falls flat.The performance was mediocre, with absurd attempts at accents. The only one consistently carried through was the Pastor Mac, which happened to be the one I found the most obnoxious. The attempts at Spanish/Hispanic accents were laughable, often sounding almost like Middle Easterners. The storyline was more about the trio traipsing around Chicago than zombies. In all honesty, they could have been running from mobsters, rampant teenagers or rapid dogs for all it mattered, their interaction with zombies was so infinitesimal. My first experience with Scott Kenemore's zombie books was so great, I won't let this drop in the bucket keep me from listening to his others.


I bought it based on the recommendations, which were great. But for my taste there was too much talk and not enough action.

"Smart, enjoyable book"

Really enjoyed the writing, full of clever, well conceived detail. Big story is far-fetched and allegorical, but hey, that's what the zombie genre is all about: An external, 'impersonal' threat that reveals the good and bad in our society. At first I was put off by the narrator, but quickly got used to his read. Loved the pastor, enjoyed the punk, and the nerd was solid, if overshadowed. Author did a good job writing in different voices...and that gets an 'AMEN'.

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