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God Is a Tuscaloosa Drug Addict
God Is a Tuscaloosa Drug Addict by L.V. Ana

ZJ feels lost in a world that seems too evil for redemption. Arielle is a cardinal-bishop in the Roman Catholic Church with very peculiar ideas about faith and the role of religion. When the two meet for coffee one evening, their lives are forever intertw...

Ashes of Time: The After Cilmeri Series, Book 7
Ashes of Time: The After Cilmeri Series, Book 7 by Sarah Woodbury

November 1291. Meg and Llywelyn gather their family at Rhuddlan Castle to celebrate their seventh anniversary and David's 23rd birthday. But the joyful reunion goes grievously awry when an old enemy raises the banner of rebellion, followed immediately by ...

Castaways in Time: The After Cilmeri Series, Book 6
Castaways in Time: The After Cilmeri Series, Book 6 by Sarah Woodbury

With a scarlet-fever epidemic raging throughout London, a rogue baron on the loose, a new baby keeping him up at night, and a kingdom to run, the last thing David has time for is a trip to the 21st century. But as he should know by now, time waits for no ...

The Heirloom: Gazette Singles
The Heirloom: Gazette Singles by Robert E. Waters

Take a town full of West Virginia coal miners, 17th century nobility, one of the longest and bloodiest wars in history, d'Artagnan (without the three musketeers), Blaise Pascal, Rene Decartes, Galileo, Oliver Cromwell and Gustav II Adolph. Shake well and ...

Under Siege
Under Siege by George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin's alternate-history story revolves around one of six "geeks" sent back to a critical point in history. Their mission is to prevent the Swedish fortress of Sveaborg from surrendering to the Russians in order to win the war - or "maybe [...

The Chief Designer
The Chief Designer by Andy Duncan

This story, an alternate history masterpiece, is told from the point of view of Korolev, the "Chief" who managed the most crucial years of the secret Soviet space program, and his assistant and eventual successor, Aksyonov. The story spans from World War ...

The Territory
The Territory by Bradley Denton

In this alternate history tale, Samuel Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, joins up with a sordid band of confederate bushwackers to avenge his brother's death at the hands of the Kansas Red Legs. He manages, all the while, to raise his own brand of hell! ...