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The Perfect Telescope
The Perfect Telescope by Winfield H. Strock

Abandoned by his parents, imprisoned by machines, Rex fights to understand why. With an expansive library and tools offered to ease his otherwise maddening solitude, he labors to invent his salvation. In a desperate gamble, he'll either peer into the past...

Steam by D.S. Arnauld

The teens at Nexum House are worse than prisoners, they are 'debtors,' the youth of England forced to pay for their family's crimes. Conditions are harsh. The hierarchy among the workers is rigidly enforced. And the guards perform terrible experiments on ...

The Dream Engine: Blunderbuss, Book 1
The Dream Engine: Blunderbuss, Book 1 by Sean Platt

A truth terrible enough to bury for a millennium A mysterious boy calling in her sleep A secret city that shouldn't exist When Eila Doyle first sees the strange boy beckoning in whispers from somewhere deep in her imagination, she questioned her sanity. S...

Moth Girl Versus the Bats
Moth Girl Versus the Bats by Michael Wombat

This short steampunky adventure with a flavour of thirties movie serials was inspired by a Twitter conversation the author had with singer Thea Gilmore in early 2013, and then by her song "Start As We Mean To Go On". As the story progressed, other Thea so...