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Pegasus and the Flame
Pegasus and the Flame by Kate O'Hearn

When Pegasus, the majestic winged stallion, crashes onto her roof in the middle of a storm that blacks out New York City, 13-year-old Emily's life becomes that of legend: epic battles with gruesome monsters, desperate chases from a corrupt governmental ag...

Kallos: Kallos, Book 1
Kallos: Kallos, Book 1 by Khelsey Jackson

Her decisions may have life-ending consequences. Kallos Dean is an everyday, average 16-year-old until she meets the beautiful and enigmatic Hunter brothers. They soon turn her world upside down with a shocking revelation: She is a goddess, one who must u...

My Henry
My Henry by Barry Gray

My Henry is a coming of age story told by the main character Gracie Lemaras. It begins in the summer before Gracie will be starting high school, and she is very nervous about it. To make matters worse, her best friend Michie is off spending the summer wit...

Arrow Through the Axes
Arrow Through the Axes by Patrick Bowman

Arrow Through the Axes concludes the Odyssey of a Slave trilogy that began with the Red Maple-nominated Torn from Troy, a retelling Homer's Odyssey. The slave Alexi, now free of his Greek captors, infiltrates the Greek strongholds of the Bronze Age in sea...

The Dead Men Stood Together
The Dead Men Stood Together by Chris Priestley

In a harbour town long ago, a boy is entranced by his uncle's stories of adventure in lands far away. Ignoring the crazy talk of the harbour pilot's son about the uncle being the Devil, the boy boards a ship with his uncle. But the uncle soon makes enemie...

Cursed by the Sea God
Cursed by the Sea God by Patrick Bowman

The second volume in the trilogy that re-envisions Homer's Odyssey is once again told from the viewpoint of Alexi, the young Trojan boy. Captured by Odysseus after the fall of Troy, Alexi is forced to accompany the Greeks on their sea journey home to Itha...

A Medieval Fantasy Adventure and Sea Witch
A Medieval Fantasy Adventure and Sea Witch by Vianka Van Bokkem

From A Medieval Fantasy Adventure: "The view from this tall tree is kind of pretty. I can see salmon jumping on the river. Colorful birds are making their nests while they sing. The sky is clear this morning after a night of heavy rain. "My name is Emma a...

The Gatekeeper's Sons: The Gatekeeper's Saga, Book 1
The Gatekeeper's Sons: The Gatekeeper's Saga, Book 1 by Eva Pohler

Fifteen-year-old Therese watches her parents die. While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades-Hypnos (the god of sleep) and Thanatos (the god of death). She thinks she's manipulating a dream, not kissing the god of death and totally rocking his worl...

Myka: The Goddess Witch
Myka: The Goddess Witch by Vianka Van Bokkem

"When Zeus, the father of all gods, discovered his beloved daughter Athena was pregnant with Apollo's baby, he ordered all gods and goddesses to keep it a secret because he wanted all mortals to believe Athena was an eternal virgin. The moment I was born ...