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Polonais de naissance(1er mars 1810 à Zelazowa Wola, près de Varsovie, Frédéric Chopin peut être considéré comme Français d’adoption (il s’installe à paris à l’âge de 21 ans) mais aussi de coeur, puisque «Paris répond à tous les désirs » et devient pour lui «le plus beau des mondes». Virtuose du piano pour lequel il compose la quasi totalité de son oeuvre, fêté par le milieu artistique parisien il devient l’ami de Liszt, Berlioz, Mendelssohn et du poète Heine. Rarement l’accession d’un musicien à la célébrité fut aussi rapide. Épuisé physiquement par la tuberculose qui s’était manifesté aux Baléares, Chopin meurt à Paris le 17 octobre 1849. Il est le génie de la forme courte. Son oeuvre, d’une grande liberté tonale, anticipe grandement sur la musique à venir, Debussy par exemple.

Of polish birth (1st March, 1810, at Zelazowa, near Warsaw), Frederic Chopin can de considered french by adoption, (he moved to Paris at the age of twenty one years) and also by heart «Paris is the answer to all dreams» and becomes for him «the most beautiful of worlds». Virtuoso of the piano for which he composed nearly all his work, a celebrity within the Parisian artistic world, he becomes the friend of Liszt, Berlioz, Mendelssohn, and the poet Heide. Rarely has the rise to fame of musician been so quick. Physically exhausted by the tuberculosis which started in balearic Islands, Chopin died in Paris on the 17th october, 1849. Chopin had written for his favourite instrument, some of literatures most beautiful pages. He was the genius of short form. His work, of great freedom of tone, well anticipated musical fashions to come, Debussy for example.

INDEX: Nocturne Op. 9 n°2 / Nocturne Op. 15 n°3 / Nocturne Op. 32 n°1 / Valse de l’Adieu Op. 69 n°1 / Valse Op. 34 n°2 / Valse Op. 64 n°1 / Valse Op. 64 n°2 / Polonaise Op. 53 / Polonaise militaire Op. 40 / mazurka Op. 7 n°1 / Mazurka n°14 / Mazurka n°10 / Tristesse Op. 10 étude n°3 / Ballade Op. 38 / Deux préludes Op. 28 n°7 et 15

4 by Frédéric Chopin is one of the 24 Chopin preludes. By Chopin’s request, this piece was played at his own funeral, along with Mozart’s Requiem. Hans von Bülow called the prelude « suffocation », due to its sense of despair. In fact, Chopin’s last dynamic marking in the piece is smorzando, which means « dying away ».

But the prelude may have once been given a title. Antonio Carlos Jobim’s song « Insensatez » is based on the Prelude No. Serge Gainsbourg based his 1969 song « Jane B » on this prelude. Jack Nicholson’s character plays the prelude in its entirety in the 1970 film Five Easy Pieces. This piece is featured in The West Wing Episode Han, and is used as the embodiment of Han, for which « There is no literal English translation. A sadness so deep no tears will come.

The 2002 film The Pianist has this composition on its soundtrack. It is included on the soundtrack to the 2004 film The Notebook. Juliet, and which featured on the band’s album OK Computer, is based on the Prelude No. Musician Rob Dougan composed and recorded « Clubbed To Death 2 », a song which uses the prelude for most of its musical structure. The French rap band Suprême NTM sampled it for their song called « That’s My People ». An ambient chiptune musical arrangement entitled « Continuum » by Rich Vreeland is played during the normal ending of the video game Fez.

Classical music is enjoyable by everyone. 4 on clarinet in a track named « Charley’s Prelude » on his album « Bug Music ». An uncredited string adaptation of this piece is featured in the soundtrack to the film A Tale of Two Cities, serving as the condemned seamstress’s theme. Other musicians, such as Jimmy Page from legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, have also made contemporary arrangements of this piece. Meryl Streep’s and Simon Helberg’s characters play this piece together in a poignant moment in the 2016 film Florence Foster Jenkins. 4 played in a lower pitch.

This piece is mentioned in the book Fifty Shades of Gray, and is featured in the movie by the same name. Chopin: Pianist and Teacher as Seen by His Pupils », by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, paperback p. Variations on a Scheme: Bach’s ‘Crucifixus’ and Chopin’s and Scriabin’s E-Minor Preludes ». The Transformative Power of Classical Music ». 1:57:12 to 1:59:13, plus a reprise at ca. Classical Made Modern – contemporary arrangements of classical music ». No encuentra la partitura que busca?

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